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15 Off-Beat things to try out with your kids in Thailand

Travelling with your family and children is a different experience altogether. A vacation with the kids gives you the time to bond with them over multiple activities and games. Thailand is a destination that is perfect for fun with your youngsters. Its captivating beauty and fun experiences for the little ones make it an excellent destination for a family vacation.

With different attractions such as amusement parks, museums, beaches and much more, Thailand provides a rich experience for those visiting. This guide will get you and your kids excited to go on an unforgettable holiday.

15 Off-Beat things to try out with your kids in Thailand:

  1.     Visit Sealife, Bangkok

SeaLife Bangkok Ocean World, Bangkok is the largest aquarium in Southeast Asia. It is spread over 10,000 square meters with hundreds of different species. Sealife’s visitors love walking through the underwater glass tubes with marine life such as sharks, eels, octopuses, and clownfish swimming all around them.

Give your children an up-close experience with exotic marine life. They learn more about marine species and appreciate the sea underworld some more! The sheer size of Ocean World makes this the perfect family day out. Watching species of different aquatic bodies, so up close, can be the experience of a lifetime for your kids.

  1.     Have an adventure-filled day at Safari World

If you are going to Thailand with your little ones, then you cannot miss Safari World. The park brings the experience of an African Safari to Thailand. Safari World covers a total area of 480 acres for its open zoo and 180 acres for its bird park.

You get a chance to witness different species of birds from all over the world putting up a spectacular performance at the Bird Show. It is also safe for your children to interact with the animals at the Safari World. Feed giraffes, play with sea lions or watch dolphins jump in the air and click endless selfies with all the animals you like, all in one place. 

  1. Mega Harborland

From Bangkok to Pattaya to Chonburi, this indoor playground is a hit available in many parts of the Mainland. 

Mega Harborland is known for the variety of activities to enjoy- its colorful slides, large ballpools, a sports arena and a paddle track zone- which give you and your little ones the perfect opportunity to romp around and have fun.

With global standards of safety and hygiene, parents need not be wary of their kids’ health as every inch of the playground, including all the toys, are sanitized regularly.

With 6 branches in Bangkok itself, there’s no hassle involved in adding this into your itinerary! 

  1.     Relish the taste of China Town’s street food.

If you love food and want to explore the authentic local cuisine, you must visit Bangkok’s Chinatown’s Yaowarat road. Commonly known as Bangkok’s Chinatown, Yaowarat is famous for its mouth-watering street food market that serves different varieties of authentic street food. 

Yaowarat also has a wide range of fruits and ice creams for your kids to enjoy, so they can taste something new and fall in love with the unique flavours of Thailand.

The food here in Yaowarat is prepared with utmost cleanliness making it hygienic and safe to eat. During this covid situation, hygiene and public safety are more important than ever. That is why vendors are taking extra measures like timely sanitisation of the counter, gloves and masks, and contactless transactions. This ensures that your family can relish Thailand’s authentic dishes to the fullest, without worrying about the possible infections. 

You can read more about the precautions taken by street food vendors to ensure proper hygiene here

Bon appetit!  

  1.     Experience Thailand’s culture up close at the Siam Niramit Show

Give your kids the taste of history and cultural values of Thailand at Siam Niramit. Siam Niramit is an 80-minute long fiesta celebrating Thailand’s culture with spectacular performances and engaging musicals.

The show can be enjoyed as a movie thanks to its extravagant set design and surreal performances. Its other highlights that captivate the audience are the elephants and goats that perform along with a hundred other artists, all in traditional costumes.

Everything from the production to the act itself, make sure that your kids don’t get bored and are on the edge of their seats throughout the entire show. Many people describe it as an experience of a lifetime and a spectacle worth watching!

  1.     Get hypnotised by the optical illusions at Art in Paradise.

Art in Paradise is an art gallery in Pattaya famous for its dioramas, dinosaur arts, 3D safari, ocean-themed scenes, and other stellar exhibits that act as an attraction for many tourists travelling to Thailand. This is a unique museum that brings your kid’s imagination to life with the help of its numerous larger than life exhibits. 

At Art in Paradise, your kids can peek into the underwater world or get some pictures snapped with dinosaurs. They can have fun posing alongside more than 100 illusions from 10 different sections.  

Many tourists find it to be a one-of-a-kind visit with optical illusions and walls lined with 3D paintings that look like they might pop out in real life anytime.

These unusual and bizarre wall arts make Art in Paradise perfect for a goofy family picture.

  1.     Teach your kids about life, at KidZania.

KidZania is a country where dreams come true! This play center is designed specifically for the kids and teaches them valuable life lessons through their interactive role-play. This feature allows kids to get a taste of adulthood by posing as real-life workers and earning money.

There are over 30 KidZania’s worldwide and KidZania’s Bangkok centre has been listed as a “must-visit attraction” by most parents visiting Thailand with their kid, thanks to its fun activities, hospitality and brilliant staff.

It is an educational play centre with a replica of the city where children pretend to work & earn money. Kids can later use the money to buy souvenirs from the local gift shop making KidZania a memorable learning experience for the kids.

  1.     Splash around at the Fantasia Lagoon Waterpark

Fantasia Lagoon Waterpark is a unique attraction built entirely on the rooftop of a mall. This massive water park contains numerous waterslides and huge pools.

It is not only popular among the tourists and their families who visit but also the locals themselves. The reasons for its immense popularity are its multiple waterslides and reasonable ticket prices that make it the ideal location to spend time cooling off on a sunny afternoon.  

Situated on top of the Mall Shopping Center Bangkae, the Fantasia Lagoon Waterpark comprises different zones equipped with water-slides and rides for children of different ages.

Kids can take part in different water activities in the many zones of the park all day long. For example, you can drift along the waterpark’s ‘Lazy River’ on an inflatable tube or watch entertainers performing balloon shows and magic tricks on the stage. 

  1.     Enjoy the real-life pilot experience at the Bangkok Flight Stimulator

If your young ones are fascinated by aeroplanes, getting to sit inside an operable cockpit of a flight simulator might be one of the coolest experiences of their lives. You can make it come true in Bangkok’s Flight Simulator

The interiors of the cockpit are realistic and also have the same specifications as in a real flight- with staff members dressed up as the flight crew members.

You and your kids are surely going to have a lot of fun flying around in these.

  1. Explore Thailand’s rice farms

Thailand is one of the top rice exporters globally, and some of Thailand’s rice farms even offer visitors the chance to join them on the farms. Allowing them to take part in the rice cultivation, visitors even get a chance to plant rice and help with the harvest!

Apart from the hands-on fun, this visit can teach kids a lot about rural life in Thailand. It illustrates how the lifestyle of these communities and their farming practices in Thailand are crucial to their economy.

  1. Visit Corgi In The Garden Cafe

Corgi In The Garden is a coffee shop in Bangkok famous for its unique theme and cheerful ambience. While grabbing a bite at the coffee-shop, you can play with the several fluffy dogs there to put a smile on your face and help you enjoy your meal.

Every customer is allowed to pet and play with the 13 cute corgis that are on the premises. Each dog inside the coffee shop is well trained, cleaned and well-groomed so you can enjoy your food without worrying about the safety of your young ones. These dogs are fun-loving and friendly and your kids will love interacting with them.

The café is only open four sessions a day with each session lasting 60 minutes. If you plan to visit the café, make sure you coordinate your timings with theirs, so you and your kids get to spend time with all 13 corgis.

  1. Visit the Children’s Discovery Museum. 

If your kids loved KidZania, they’re going to love the Children’s Discovery Museum, located on the southern edge of Queen Sirikit Park.

Operating on the same idea, the Children’s discovery museum is a learning centre for children in Thailand and Southeast Asia. It is the first-ever learning centre of Thailand.

Children’s Discovery Museum is primarily for a relatively younger age group. Just like KidZania, it encourages children to discover how the world works through hands-on experiences. 

What makes the Children’s Discovery Museum different from other museums are its science-focused interactive indoor and outdoor exhibits and a thrilling waterpark.

  1. Visit Imaginia Playland, Bangkok

Situated on the 3rd floor of The Emporium Mall at Phrom Phong BTS in Bangkok, Imaginia Playland is a creative and technologically advanced fun activity for kids under 15.

It aims to educate and entertain, with the concept of ‘learning through playing’ with several activities that cover art, music, literature, technology, and strategic thinking.

  1. Spend a day at the Dream World.

A visit to Dream World theme park is sure to be a fun-filled, engaging day. As the name suggests, Dream World is a place where your children’s dreams turn into a joyous and memorable reality. 

The kids can sleigh down the slopes, make snowmen and angels in Snow Land, ride a rollercoaster to the Space Mountain, and meet some of their favourite cartoon characters like Cinderella and Pocahontas, all in a single day.  

While Dream World’s rides might fall short compared to other theme parks’ high-octane rollercoasters worldwide, the sights and attractions for 3 to 4 year-olds are magnificent and promise a beautiful family day out with several fun things to try out.  

Dream World is on Bangkok’s outskirts, near Don Mueang Air terminal.

  1. Biking at the Peppermint Bike Park.

If you are a cycling enthusiast, this place is a must-visit for you. Regardless of your age, Peppermint Bike Park has various biking courses scattered around the trail, ranging from easy beginner-level paths to challenging pro-level paths.

Ride bikes with your family on different biking courses across the park or maybe turn it into a fun family race to the finish. You can zip through the scenic paths with your kids or just take a leisurely ride around the park enjoying the view.

You can even take a break and grab a bite at one of many cafes and food stations serving delicious meals within the Bike Park.

With that, we conclude our list of “15 Off-Beat things to try out with your kids in Thailand”. Kids, Adults and Grandparents – everyone loves a vacation to Thailand. Make sure you try them all the next time you plan a trip with your kids to Thailand.


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