15 things you and your kids must try in Thailand

Travelling with children ranging from tiny tots to teens can be tricky with varied interests for everyone. The perfect destination needs all the right ingredients- scenic views, gorgeous beaches, and comfortable and affordable transportation. Thailand has all this and much more to offer you and your family. All one has to keep in mind is that some places are more family-friendly than others! 

After reading this guide, you’ll be convinced that Thailand is not only kid-friendly but also has many tourist attractions catering specifically to a family experience. This country is bubbling with activities for you and your kids to do together. This guide is packed with tips to ensure you can experience Thailand to the fullest!

So, here are 15 things you and your kids can’t miss out on your travel to Thailand:

  • Banana Beach, Phuket

The top priority on everyone’s minds on seeing pictures of Thailand, whether young or old, is the breathtakingly clear, blue seas. From movies to songs, the bays of these waters have inspired many. 

Banana Beach is Phuket’s well-kept secret and is our suggested pick among the long list of beaches to visit. Tucked away among green hills and still surprisingly untouched by the majority of the crowds, this beach is a blessing if you’re looking to escape the famous, crowded beaches. Read a book or lounge around while you keep a safe eye on your kids splashing away. You can also try your hand at sea kayaking or opt for a simple sailing experience as well!

  • Green Elephant Sanctuary Park, Phuket

A trip to see these rescued elephants is an engaging and learning experience for everyone in the family. From bathing to feeding these animals on guided tours and learning about their history, you can experience a gentle side of Thailand’s wildlife that teaches your children important lessons on empathy.

The ticket costs also cover a lavish lunch and the park has all the necessary facilities, toilets and showers, to ensure a hassle-free journey. 

  • Flight Of The Gibbon, Chiang Mai

With kilometres of lush greenery to see as you zip by on this adrenaline-rush, Flight of the Gibbon also gives you a rare chance to spot Gibbons! This Zipline operator has globally certified standards to ensure you or your family is not at risk.

The package also includes a pickup and drop service to your hotel, a tasty lunch, and lockers for your belongings. You don’t need much preparation in advance for this activity!

  • Lumpini Park, Bangkok

Spend a leisurely family day out at the Lumpini Park-Bangkok’s largest and most popular park. Enclosed within a sprawling 58 hectares, this park contains a large artificial lake, a jogging path, plenty of spaces for picnics, and canopied pathways. 

The best time to visit here would be early in the morning to beat the crowd and make the most of the paddle boarding, kayaking, and playgrounds. An oasis within the city could be the perfect break if your kids feel tired of the usual sightseeing activities. Be sure to visit the street food stalls that serve delicious cold drinks, available after 5 PM. 

Reaching the park should be a breeze. Treat yourself to a ride on a local tuk-tuk but be sure to haggle on prices! 

  • Museum Of Siam, Bangkok

Get a fun introduction to Thailand’s culture at the Museum Of Siam. Learn all about Thailand and its traditions through screen projections and video narrations. From an Ayutthaya-era battle exhibit to a Bangkok Cafe straight from the 60s, there is plenty to discover. Each display also has a video narration to aid your understanding.

This project is a truly new-age museum built for the 21st-century audience. Look out for a fridge that leads to a secret entryway to a European-themed restaurant exhibit!

  • Shabu Lab, Bangkok

Visit Shabu Labs with your family to create your very own hot pot meal! A laboratory themed restaurant, Shabu lab allows you to choose from a variety of meat, seafood, carbs, vegetables, and finally a dipping sauce to create a hot pot tailored just for your tongue!

A hands-on, communal cooking experience like this gives you a chance to bond and make memories with your family while creating something with your own hands!

  • Sukhothai Historical Park, Sukhothai

This park is abundant with ruins of royal palaces, city gates, walls, Buddhist temples, and other relics from the ancient city of Sukhothai. The park even has a 14th-century water moat running around the ruins, all beautifully preserved.

To bury yourself in authentic Thai architecture and history, rent a cycle or simply take the kids on a walk and transport yourself into an atmosphere of the past! There are also local tour guides to aid visitors around the park and tell you more about the history of each structure.

  • Muay Thai at the Asiatique, Bangkok

Muay Thai at the Asiatique is an exciting theatrical show allowing the spectator to be enthralled by the technique and skill displayed. The performance shows the discipline required to engage in the sport. This act is a much more kid-friendly alternative to wrestling and boxing and the finesse displayed by these performers is worth a watch. 

Since it is located in the Asiatique shopping mall, you can also entertain yourself browsing through the shops and trying out the food at the restaurants before or after the show. Keep in mind that the show isn’t open on Mondays.

  • Pileh Bay, Ko Phi Phi Lee

You truly have to see it to believe the beauty of Pileh Bay. Everything from the gorgeous cliff entrance to the spectacular limestones is mind-blowing. This is the main attraction of the area and transport is via ferries or long-tail boats.

The shallow waters make it safe for your kids to splash around. The Bay is also renowned for snorkelling. Sighting vibrant corals and bright sea life is easy with the turquoise-clear waters. Remember to bring your go-pro along to capture all the flora and fauna you see underwater!

  •  Ayutthaya Historical Park, Ayutthaya

Founded in 1351 by King Ramathibodi I, the city of Ayutthaya grew to be one of the world’s centres for global trade and diplomacy. The iconic park requires a day devoted to it with a great number of things to see! This visit will leave your kids with a new understanding of ancient and foreign cultures. Since there are Buddhist temples here, try sticking to the appropriate clothing and bring shawls to drape over your shoulders. 

With plenty of good-quality guesthouses and hotels to pick from, an overnight visit would be perfect here!

  • Splash Jungle Water Park, Phuket

No guide to having fun in Thailand with the kids is complete without a water park! Treat your kids and yourself to a day of splashing around in the sun with rides for all ages. A cool ride is the really, really long lazy river (it’s 335 metres). 

With many lifeguards keeping an eye out and a splash bar and spa village to help you relax, this is an ideal wind-down for all. It is also located right next to Phuket International airport, making it easy to jot into your itinerary.

  •  Erawan Falls, Kanchanaburi

The 7-tiered waterfalls at the Erawan National Park look straight out of a fairytale! These waterfalls run through 1,500 metres of thick rainforest in the Tenasserim Hills. Many families make it a picnic day at the Erawan Waterfalls, with kids swimming and splashing away in the shallow pools of water. 

The park also boasts of limestone caves for visitors to explore through. Don’t forget to carry mosquito repellents, snacks, and a water bottle to see all of this beauty!

  •  Art In Paradise, Pattaya

Art In Paradise is a 3-D trick-eye museum located in Chon Buri. This unique hands-on museum is well planned and has dinosaur exhibits, a 3-D safari, ocean-themed exhibits and much more! It is also the perfect place to click pictures of fun memories to look back on years later.

The price of admission for foreigners is 400 Baht.

  • Damnoen Saduak Floating Market, Ratchaburi

A market might not seem so attractive and unique, but a market on water? That is more than enough to get the whole family excited!

This floating market is the largest of its kind in Thailand. Located about 100 kilometres southwest of Bangkok, this market is known around the globe for its insight into the age-old market practices of Thailand. Seafood, vegetables, fruits, and other groceries are the primary items sold here. However, you can also find trinkets, souvenirs, and jewellery to take back home with you.

A floating market is one of the unique experiences you will find in Thailand and we hope you don’t miss out!

  • Ang Thong Marine Park, Surat Thani

Ang Thong gained world-renowned fame with the novel The Beach which was subsequently made into a movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio. However, words are not enough to capture its essence and beauty. You and your family will leave with an appreciation and love for nature like never before!

A pristine cluster of 42 tropical islands, this park has managed to maintain little to no commercial development due to its protected status. 

Trek to Wua Ta Lap viewpoint or enjoy kayaking in the pristine waters.

There is much more to Thailand than meets the eye and we hope this guide gives you an idea of how fun a family vacation to this exotic destination could be! Visit our website to plan the ultimate holiday for you and your loved ones today!

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