5 Reasons Why Your Next Trip Should Be a BeachFront Villa Vacation in Thailand

5 Reasons Why Your Next Trip Should Be a Beach Front Villa Vacation in Thailand!









Imagine yourself waking up to the sound of waves breaking on the beach. To a sunrise in the midst of lush coconut trees, white sand, and blue turquoise waters. Feels like a dream or the plot of a movie, doesn’t it? It’s neither! This is what you wake up to when you live at a Beachfront Villa in Thailand. The beach right outside your door, cool ocean breeze through your villa, and that gorgeous island view! Welcome to Thailand’s beachfront villa vacations! Krabi, Koh Samui, Phuket, Pattaya- take your pick to enjoy Thailand’s tropical climate, white sandy beaches with clear blue-green waters.


Embrace the different shades of blue of the ocean in luxury with private infinity pools, personal chefs and exclusive sections of the beach at the beachfront villas in Thailand. Get ready to embark on this wonderful, cozy & adventurous stay that offers you:

1. Traditional Thai Architecture.

Thai Beach Villa architecture is rooted in history, like ancient palaces and temples! Experience the rich architecture, teak wood finishes, large airy windows that draw in the fresh cool sea breeze and designs that enhance your tropical vacation. To give an authentic touch, the interiors are hand-carved & furnished with natural materials like bamboo & coconut by integrating contemporary styles. Most of the villas feature the iconic Thai-styled wooden roofs & flooring for aesthetics with pristine white walls. Thai artifacts decor and the breezy plants in the villa completes the overall tropical ambience. Also don’t forget to indulge in the spa resort-style bathrooms that will add a relaxing touch to your stay. The sliding glass doors in the villas let in ample natural light and that creates a luxurious sense of space. Most of the villas provide an in-house swimming pool or beachside terrace pool; nestled in the lush mangroves, with an overlook of the beautiful beach. Here, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by just lazing in the pool or taking a dip in the warm waters of the Thai Gulf. The traditional Thai architecture of the villa with large spaces also makes it the perfect destination for weddings where families can stay together and bond. And of course, who wouldn’t like a magical wedding right in front of the beach?











The best thing about staying in a villa for a holiday is the seclusion and privacy as compared to staying in a hotel. Private beachfront villas are mostly located in quiet,  often hidden areas, surrounded by nature & undisturbed beaches. This allows you to seek comfort, service, and luxury of the beach waters by staying away from the crowds. 


Dreaming of a cozy villa with an infinity pool & jacuzzi for a quiet romantic getaway? Living at a beachfront villa in Thailand should definitely be on your itinerary!  

Imagine relaxing in your own private infinity pool with a drink in hand and gazing at the marvelous beauty of the sun setting into the Thai ocean with no one around. Isn’t that just beautiful? Several beachfront villas offer you a piece of the beach, as your own ‘private beach’. 

A quiet candlelight dinner by the sea with your partner as you listen to the sounds of the waves and enjoy the ocean breeze makes for the perfect date night!  Also, enjoy the luxury of eating breakfast in bed while personal chefs within the villa cook up amazing Thai delicacies! 












3. Stunning View of The Beach.

When you choose to stay in a beachfront villa, you choose days of majestic ocean view. 

Another interesting fact of staying in a beachfront villa is you get the glorious view of the golden sunrise & sunset. The first thing you see in the morning is the white sandy shores with different hues of the Andaman ocean. A magical view to start your day with! 


Enjoy this beautiful view with a relaxing spa session or meditate as you face the waters and take in the calm & peace. Several beachfront villas offer a terrace deck with a top view of the clear blue waters. Soak in some Vitamin-D as you sun-bathe sipping on some fresh coconut water. Or simply enjoy the mesmerizing view on the beach chair, while you look up from that book you’re reading. 












4. BeachFront Dining

Do you wish you had a barbecue set-up on the beach while vacationing? The beachfront villas in Thailand offer guests the perfect beachside picnic. Seafood lovers, wouldn’t you love a fresh seafood barbecue by the beach?

For those of you who love cooking and are keen on learning about Thai cuisine, your personal chef at the villa would be happy to arrange a cook-out session.  Immerse yourself in the various cooking techniques and ingredients of Thai food. All under the guidance of a professional chef!

An interesting feature of private dining options is that it lets you dine anywhere & anytime with your custom made menu. Another reason why you shouldn’t miss out on beachfront dining. The priceless view of the glimmering waters, under the night sky, over a terrace deck is an experience you must not miss. 











5. Benefits of Staying in a Beachfront Villa

Beach-front villas are not only about white sandy beaches and blue waters. You can indulge yourself in a bunch of fun activities like a cocktail party on the beach with a bonfire. With the beach right outside your door, dive right into the ocean and explore the diverse & colorful marine life of Thailand, or just engage in some exhilarating sports adventures. After a refreshing dive, sip on some fresh cocktails at the beach huts set up by the villas as you rest. 

Meditate by the fresh breeze of the sea! Awaken your spiritual side at the various yoga centers near the beaches. 

Many villas also have a room dedicated to games. This gives a fun, bonding experience with your family. You don’t have to worry about anything as your personal chef & staff in the villa with exciting amenities are right at your doorstep.

Given Thailand’s 200 km long beautiful coastline, a beachfront villa staycation must feature on your trip to this tropical paradise. Escape from the busy city life to the stunning beachfront villas of Hau Hin, Koh Samui, Pattaya, Phuket, or Krabi! With your every need catered to, get ready to enjoy this delightful experience with personal chefs at your service.  Are you ready for your amazing staycation at the beachfront villa?

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