A Handbook Of Thai Etiquettes

Thailand is one of those countries that is buzzing with tourists all year round. 


Thailand- the Land of Smiles is known for its rich culture, ancient traditions, and fascinating tourist attractions. Enchanted by its beauty and attracted by all the excitement that the country holds within, have you planned your trip yet? 

While you book your tickets and pack your bags, let’s take you through some important points that every tourist must keep in mind. Here are a few Must-Do things:

  1. Respect the Monarchy, i.e. the members of the Royal family.
  2. Respect Lord Buddha, his pictures, statues, and temples.
  3. Stand up to show respect when the National Anthem is played at 8 am and 6 pm every day.
  4. Return the WAI. All you have to do is join your palms and bow your head as a sign of returning the greetings.
  5. Dress appropriately, especially on your temple visits and trips to royal palaces. Ensure your shoulders and knees covered for both genders. No slippers/ Sandals. 
  6. Take off your shoes every time you enter the temple or someone’s house.
  7. Do abide by their cultural etiquettes, be it at the temples, royal palaces or other tourist attractions.
  8. Do seek the consent of the guards, monks or people, before clicking pictures.
  9. Do support local craftsmen and farmers by shopping from their produces like souvenirs, handicrafts, and local delicacies. 
  10. Do contribute to noble causes like preventing forest fires, child abuse, avoiding violent or illegal activities around you.


Besides all the things that you must do, here’s a list of actions you must refrain from:

  1. Don’t Litter! As tourists, you too shall maintain the cleanliness of the land. 
  2. Don’t speak loudly. It is considered impolite among Thai people. 
  3. Don’t be overly affectionate in public since it is not appreciated by Thai people. 
  4. Don’t pat or touch any Thai person’s or kid’s head. It is an offensive act according to Thai people. 
  5. Don’t point or put your feet up. Such acts are seen as a sign of rudeness.
  6. Don’t do drugs or bathe naked in the water bodies. 
  7. Don’t buy wild animals or products made of wild animal skin as well as ivory.  It is a punishable offense.
  8. Don’t draw graffiti on the walls of the caves or public places.
  9. Don’t feed marine fish or touch the corals.
  10. Don’t lose your patience or possessions. These are the two most important things that you must always keep with you in a foreign land. The possessions here refer to your passport and travel insurance.

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