Akshay Kumar is trained in Muay Thai: 5 reasons you should pick up the combat sport

Martial arts is not just limited to self-defense. It comes with a lot of benefits for your body and mind and who better than India’s fittest actor Akshay Kumar to tell you this. The actor and father of two is proficient in martial arts and has been learning this sport from an early age. He has always spoken about the importance of the same in old interviews. He famously said: “My passion for martial arts goes back to my early teens when I went to Bangkok to master them, Even today, I practice for two hours. It disciplines me. Martial arts is not just about violence and fighting, but about the power to change your life. I owe everything I am to martial arts.”

Khiladi Kumar also holds a black belt in another martial art combat form, Muay Thai. The traditional sport is now gaining popularity all over the world and is the preferred way for a lot of people to stay in shape. The combat sport uses the power of the body’s natural weaponry- the limbs to deliver the best results. Hence, it is also called the “Art of Eight Limbs”, which utilizes all major parts of the body, giving you more flexibility and fluidity.

Muay Thai is also a popular martial art form preferred by many because of its simplicity. Children, men, and women of any age can start learning the craft. It also combines the benefits of running, jumping rope, kickboxing and shadowboxing to give you a more intense, fulfilling workout. It works towards making you healthier, stronger, sharper and sounder in one go. It also requires you to exercise a lot more agility, mental skills and sound thinking than regular kickboxing, so it is definitely something you should be trying.

Promotes weight loss

A martial art form like Muay Thai lays stress on the core muscles around the abdomen, chest and thigh area, all those places where it is easy for the fat to deposit. By rigorously working out these muscle groups, you will see a difference in your physique in no time. It also burns a crazy amount of calories in less time so it is one of the best ways to burn fat and maintain your weight. (1000 calories in an hour)

Improved cardiovascular health
Regular practice of Muay Thai also keeps you from developing cardiovascular complications and keep the heart healthy. Since this regime requires an intense amount of training over a disciplined timeline, you stay fitter even as age takes over you.

Boosts self-confidence

Needless to say, martial arts is tough to master but there is an incredible sense of achievement and self-awareness that comes along with this. The intense training with Muay Thai makes you look for challenges, find opportunities, stay on top and also stay one step ahead of the opponent by teaching some core self-defense moves involving the knees and elbows.

Makes your mind sharper

Sports pushes you to work hard and deliver the best but with certain forms, it pushes the body to the extreme. Muay Thai is one such sport which sometimes can get so grueling, a lot of people call it quits. However, regular practice does a lot more for you than conditioning your body. It aligns the body and the mind and makes you better equipped to deal with stress. It also forces you to give your 100% in a given situation, making you better equipped to handle extreme situations.

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