Day trip to the ruins of Thailand’s old city-Ayutthaya

A day trip to the ruins of Thailand’s old city-Ayutthaya

Somehow it took 5 Bangkok visits before we managed to squeeze in a day trip to Ayutthaya. Dazzled by pictures of the ruins of the glorious old city, Buddhas draped in orange sashes and its UNESCO World Heritage status, we were determined to make it 5th time lucky and so we set off from our hotel in Bangkok via the Victory Monument in Bangkok to the old capital of Thailand ready to explore Ayutthaya and its treasures. We were in for an amazing day!

Our first stop was the incredible Wat Yai Chai Mang Khon with its towering stupa, golden statues and rows of Buddhas in saffron robes. The giant reclining Buddha draped in cloth is spectacular and monks from the onsite monastery were milling around among the tourists.

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