Explore Bangkok Like Never Before

Located on the banks of the Chao Phraya River and the traditional lifeblood of Thailand’s fertile Central Plains, Bangkok is a thrilling paradox. It is a city that both preserves the old with respect and embraces the new with enthusiasm. The Thai Capital for more than two centuries, Bangkok has in the last 20 years undergone more change than at any other period during its history. Concrete and glass high-rises have reshaped the skyline and multi-lane expressways, remapped the city. The ultimate impact of all the development is that Bangkok is now better than it has ever been – greener, more comfortable, quicker and simpler to get around. Likewise, the options for shopping, dining and entertainment have vastly expanded in the last couple of decades.

Now, modern luxury buys are available as well as traditional handicrafts; Thai restaurants are matched by others offering virtually the whole gamut of world cuisines, while entertainment can be as diverse as a classical concert at the Thailand Cultural Centre or an Irish band playing in an Irish pub.


Amazingly, at the same time as developing as a thoroughly modern metropolis; Bangkok has succeeded in preserving monuments to its traditional Oriental splendour. It is still a city of temples and palaces, of golden spires and oranges tiered roofs, of saffron-robed monks and serene Buddha images. Classic sights most famously the Grand Palace and Temple of the Emerald Buddha, remain as magnificent as ever.

In its enchanting ambience as well as in its major sights, Bangkok retains its own special essence. In all things there is an element of Thainess, a sense of style found nowhere else and which indelibly stamps the culture. Thus Bangkok retains a personality that is unchanging and uniquely its own, which allows the traveller to discover somewhere truly different while also enjoying all modern conveniences.

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