6 Lopburi Attractions, Perfect Places to Visit & Sightseeing

Lopburi, the capital city of Lopburi province is one of Thailand’s oldest cities known for its temple ruins and mischievous monkeys. These attractions are easy to see in a daylong visit here.
Traveling to Lopburi is an experience in itself as you set off on a journey of a lifetime. Known for its long sandy beaches, it makes for a perfect tourist destination.

Here are some of the best attractions of Lopburi everyone must go to on their visit there –

1. Sub Lek Reservoi:
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Sub Lek Reservoir is in the midst of a beautiful scenic area located about 15 km east of Lopburi. The sides of the lake are towered by beautiful limestone monoliths and there’s also a striking temple, Wat Suwankhiri Pidok constructed at the side of the mountain.

Apart from this, there are a number of simple open air restaurants built over the water that offers its visitors delicious food and drinks. This place is a go-to family friendly location. It is also popular for its shallow waters that allow guests to go swimming. There is also an ATV Hire and a Jet Ski Club with excellent facilities and bungalows.


2. Phra Prang Sam Yot:

This is Lopburi’s best known landmark and provincial symbol. It is very easy to reach here as it’s just 200 meters away from the railway station. Being a former Hindu shrine built in the 13th century, it makes for a beautiful historic monument. The architecture is of the classic bayon style. The lovers of history will love admiring the architecture and listening to the tales of the place by the locals. The admission fee being just 60 baht, it is affordable making this place a must visit.


3. Lopburi Zoo:

Covering over 25 acres of land, Lopburi zoo is one the biggest zoos in Thailand. It is popular among tourists as they have a variety of Asian and Australian birds as well as mammals. The most known aspect of the zoo is the unique family of three tigers and four dogs who live harmoniously together in the same quarter. The zoo also has four crocodiles of different species. This is an excellent way to spend the day among animals and have a fun filled outing with your family.


4. Jompol Por Golf Course:

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Designed by Thongchai Jaidee, one of Thailand’s best golf course architect, created this military court based course in almost perfect condition. This place is filled with greenery making it the perfect destination for golf lovers and a place worth visiting. With breath-taking views and a proper setup for tourists it is the ideal place to go to and should definitely not be missed.


5. Wat San Paolo:

                                    Picture Credits – TripAdvisor

This is Thailand’s first observatory, built by King Narai. Astronomy was one of his passions. This place is in a good condition even though it is old. It is one of the most popular places in the province of Lopburi. This unique place should definitely be on every Thai travellers bucket list for an educative and fun trip.


6. Wat Yang Na Rangsi:

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This is a beautiful ancient Buddhist monastery which is located on the banks of the Lopburi River. This place has a number of traditional Thai decorations some of which are handmade. The floor is made of wooden planks and surrounded by balustrades. Almost everything here is made of wood or natural products. Going to Wat Yang Na Rangsi and experiencing its beauty should definitely be on your to do list.


Have a fun filled and adventurous trip by making a visit to these places.


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