Your Guide for Indian Food in Thailand 2021

There’s no doubt Indian food in Thailand is growing in popularity among Thais. It is easier than ever for lovers of sub-continental delights to get their fix in high-end food courts like Central Chidlom’s Loft or trendy contemporary Indian restaurants like Red.

High-end Indian restaurants

Most Indian restaurants within the city center are pricey but of an incredibly high quality. Take Rang Mahal. This classy restaurant on the top floor of the Rembrandt Hotel is an old hit and often frequented by Indian travelers who come to Bangkok from around the globe. The sophisticated interiors and a classical live band all add up to a very grand experience.

A celebrity Indian chef and the new kid

Some restaurants serve up similar cuisines in a classy ambiance without leaving your pockets too much lighter, like the evergreen Mrs.Balbir’s, owned, operated and run by the TV personality/cooking teacher/master chef herself.

“Northern Indian food will always do better here in Bangkok,” she says. “Bangkok has a very small population of South Indians, unlike our neighbors Singapore and Malaysia.”

“Thailand is one of the only countries in the world where other cuisines are mimicked to the tee, Indian being one of the best in terms of taste, authenticity, and variety,” says local Thai Indian Neha Gulati. “Cheap Indian eats in Bangkok, specifically in the Pahurat area, out-do the cheap eats in India in regards to taste, quality and not to mention, cleanliness! We’re lucky to have it all!”


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