Bangkok Must-see Attractions for Honeymooners, Vacation, Backpackers

Whether you are honeymooners, young people looking for fun, or backpackers, Thailand makes for a perfect tourist spot. This beautiful holiday destination boasts of breathtaking beaches, amazing nightlife and a colourful culture. On reaching here, you’ll realize that confining yourself to the lovely beaches, as spellbinding as they are, is a sin. For a complete Thai experience, you need to delve deeper into its territories, food, art, culture, and history. Here are some things that are sure to make your Thai trip more meaningful.

1. Thai Food
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For a foodie, Thailand is nothing short of a paradise. Food is one of the major attractions of Thailand. It’s the perfect combination of sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.

Try authentic Thai food that can make your ears steam up; you can always go for other flavours and aromatic herbs if you are not a spicy lover. Don’t miss on the delicious street food while you are here.

2. Thai Beaches

The white sandy beaches in Thailand make it a perfect getaway to spend your vacations. Apart from the thrilling water sports, you can relax in the enchantingly peaceful atmosphere or take a dip in the crystal clear waters to make the most of your holiday.

3. Thai History and Heritage

Among other things that you can do in Thailand, learning a little about its beautiful culture is a great idea. Thailand is a home to modern, fast-paced chaotic life wedded to the traditions of the past. The beautiful contemporary city is influenced heavily by the Siamese History. Its modernity is exhibited through its colourful nightlife and world-class infrastructure, while the traditions are reflected in the gleaming temples and resplendent palaces.

All the more, the Floating Market has a charm that emerges out of the chaos.

4. Thai Spiritualism

Wat Arun is a must-have on your itinerary if you are visiting Amazing Thailand. Spend some time in its isolated corners and soak the early morning sunlight. The peace and tranquillity that you’ll witness here will leave you craving for more. There is something about Buddhism that helps you connect with your soul. Thailand houses more than forty thousand monasteries and much other meditation and spiritual centres.


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