Koh Samui – The Best Destination Wedding Venues in Thailand

Oh, weddings— such romantic and important events! If you wish to say your I do’s in an exotic place, that’s thousands of miles off from home, you must think about Koh Samui. Koh Samui is a contemporary paradise and everything regarding it will lace your special occasion with beautiful memories and it will actually be a spectacular event to recollect.

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The island is card worthy.

This destination is comparable to Ibiza, Maui, and Mauritius in its beauty. Tall coconut trees, an endless stretch of attractive jewel toned waters, soft sand and thick lush foliage that may delight any nature lover—all of these make up the stunning beauty that Koh Samui is. Koh Samui is traveller friendly and offers great options in terms of accommodation, dining, fun, and leisure. Plus, it’s simply awe-inspiring. Your wedding deserves a destination that’s spectacular and Koh Samui is just that.

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The weather is exceptional.

In Koh Samui, the beautiful sunshine will recharge you and provide you with a good deal of energy. The nice and cosy tropical weather is soothing. You can expect your wedding photos to be exquisite owing to the weather, colourful tropical flowers, and clear skies as you’re taking your vows.

Picture credits – http://www.kosamui.com/

There is no time gap between the marriage and honeymoon.

If you wed in Koh Samui, you need not be stressed packing your luggage and troubled about catching your flight because you already are at your honeymoon destination, isn’t it?

You can cut prices.

The simplest way to minimize your wedding costs? Marry at a destination away from home. Distance can mechanically cut your guest list. Since solely a restricted range are going to be there, you will not have to blow a lot of money on your wedding. Also, Thailand is way more reasonable than most destinations of an equivalent kind (tropical and beachy).

The reception food is bound to be nothing short of extraordinary.

A wedding at such an exotic venue will be full of exotic island dishes and you’ll never run out of choices in Koh Samui. From flavoursome curries to crowd favourites like spring rolls and pad Thai, you’ll, sure enough, have a blast selecting the food you’ll serve to your friends and cherished ones. In fact, don’t forget sweets like mango sticky rice.





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