Thailand and more!

There's more to Thailand than what meets the eyes! Check out some unique things you can do while exploring the country.

Chiang Rai: The Heaven of Temples

Chiang Rai is well known for its famous temples! If you have Chiang Rai on your next itinerary read more about it here

10 reasons why coming to Bangkok felt like coming home to India

Holidaying does not always mean staying as far away from home as possible. Here are some things in Thailand that may remind you of home! A big part of Thai cuisine revolves around rice and so does the Indian cuisine. The culture of going to the mall with your family is the same in both […]

Top 10 Bachelor/Bachelorette Party Ideas in Thailand

*Wedding Bells ringing for your best friend* We all know what that means. You now have the responsibility to think, plan and execute a grand and memorable bachelor/bachelorette party! Of course, that comes with a lot of pressure, planning and stress, but you can dodge all of this if you pick a destination that offers […]

The Less Discovered Cultural Similarities between India and Thailand

Thailand gets scores of Indian travellers throughout the year. Some come for the beaches and sea, while others for the mountains, some to find peace and some to make Thailand their permanent home. And it isn’t surprising that Thailand has so many Indians visiting. Both countries have traditions, languages, festivals and cultures rooted in the […]


Listing out some of the best things to do, to eat, and, to explore in Northern Thailand. Foodies, explorers and families can enjoy the unique experiences of northern Thailand! When in Thailand, do like the Thai’s do! And the best way to experience the true Thai culture is travelling to northern Thailand. While you’ve soaked […]

60 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Thailand

With over 200+ countries to choose from, why should a traveler decide to visit Thailand? A Private Boat docked at a white sand beach in Thailand Every year, more and more travelers wander into the Land of Smiles. From the white sand beaches, to the rich heritage, to the mouth-watering delicacies, this tropical paradise simply […]

Exploring Richelieu Rock – One of the Top 10 diving spots in the World

Discover Thailand’s best diving spot – Richelieu Rock and its beautiful underwater paradise!                   Richeliue Rock’s expansive coral landscape Would you like to swim right next to a baby whale shark? Or dive into deep blue waters that welcome you with a plethora of colours? Like an […]

Travelling to Pattaya with family? Here are the top 20 kid-friendly spots

Traveling to Pattaya with family? Here are the top 20 kid-friendly spots  Perched upon a beach chair, imagine the sight of your children making sandcastles or running around in gay abandon while you sit back and unwind by a soothing landscape.  Did we catch you in the middle of a reverie? Traveling to Pattaya with […]

Thailand rated among the best golfing destinations for Indian golfers

“Thai Golf Passport” launched to offer Indian golfers a seamless golf experience in Thailand post COVID-19. Indian golfers have rated Thailand among the best golfing destinations in a recent survey jointly conducted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) New Delhi Office and India-based golf management company, Sports and Leisure Worldwide (SLW). Mr. Vachirachai Sirisumpan, […]

TAT Launches First “Amazing Thailand EBook” of All Destinations, Special Interest Activities and Maps Nationwide

The Tourism Authority of Thailand Has Compiled More Than 200 of Its Amazing Destination Brochures, Leaflets, Books, Maps, and Media Covering All Aspects of Thai Tourism Into One Easily-Searchable Amazing Thailand EBook Platform to Make It Easy for Visitors to Find Their Place and Activity of Interest The Tourism Authority of Thailand has compiled more […]

Wonders of Lop Buri Combine Thai History, Sunflowers and Natural Attractions

Lop Buri is known for its rich history, but these days might be as famous for its annual sunflower festival and natural wonders.

Thailand’s most visited Golf Courses

Thailand never fails to surprise you – it has something to offer every travel enthusiast. Be it a hike up the mist-shrouded mountains in the north or a walk down the sun-kissed tropical enclaves in the south, it has it all. There’s a special surprise for the golfing enthusiasts in Thailand too, because tucked away […]

Travel & Tourism to Thailand

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a halt. All over the world, there is lockdown and people are not able to get out of their houses. International travel has been shelved indefinitely. In this episode of The Future Series, we focus on what lies ahead for the travel and tourism industry with a […]


Tourism Thailand Authority (TAT) in India is launching an amazing contest only dedicated to Indian bloggers and influencers on May 22, 2020. The contest closes on June 1, 2020. The #ThrowbackThailand contest will allow Indian bloggers and influencers to exhibit their talent and support to TAT through a short video published on their social media […]

Bike week – Phuket

Carpe Diem, seize the week. The thunder of the bikes in the clusters cheers for motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world in Phuket. It is the biggest bike convention in Asia and follows the theme of ‘ASEAN Ride Together’ to show the spirit of unity with the neighbouring Asian riders. This is an epic celebration […]