COVID-19 initiatives to keep you safe during your trip to Thailand

Are you in a hurry to plan your trip to Thailand? Who doesn’t want a gateway especially after being grounded for so many months?

Wondering how to travel safely to Thailand? We have got you covered!

Steps taken by the Tourism Authority of Thailand for travel.

Thailand formerly known as Siam, is a country in South-East Asia. It happens to be one of the top destinations for tourists. The history of this place is thrilling and its historical sites are fascinating. One cannot stop falling in love with the enchanting landscapes that cover the country’s south.

All thanks to the unforeseen pandemic – Covid-19, tourism in Thailand, or any country for that matter has seen a huge steep. The spread of coronavirus has massively affected a lot many countries. As a result, they have introduced travel restrictions in an attempt to contain its spread.

Thailand is one of those countries that was least affected by Covid-19 with a total of 3359 cases out of which 3169 already recovered. The recovery rate in Thailand is 98% because of the strict measures taken by the Government.

It has already opened its doors for 11 groups of Thai and Non-Thai nationals to enter the country with a ‘Certificate of Entry’. The Thai government is planning to resume tourism in the country with a careful approach. They have decided to let in certain categories of foreign nationals to enter Thailand. These new rules will be implemented from 31st August 2020. Thailand plans to resume its operations in 5 phases with certain rules and regulations.

 Thailand is implementing its screening, quarantine, and reporting measures for international arrivals to the country as per the traveler’s destination.

The isolation and quarantine approaches include:

  1. Local quarantine for inter provincial travelers, state quarantine for international arrivals, and alternative state quarantine for international arrivals at their own expense.
  2. Home (self-monitoring).
  3. Organisational quarantine.
  4. Hospital quarantine for close observation.

 According to the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA), Thailand is well-equipped with health capabilities to manage the pandemic. It includes an adequate number of hospital beds in Bangkok and other places in the country. A total of 568 beds at hotels designated as state quarantine locations have been assigned nationwide.

What can YOU do to make your travel safe?

Because of this pandemic, there are certain things that you must take care of like:

  • You must always try to eat in places where hygiene is maintained even though it’s a street food stall. Make sure hygiene is maintained by the food provider and do the necessary sanitisation yourself.
  • Take necessary measures like maintaining social distancing with the locals and the tourists to avoid being infected by COVID-19.
  • Follow the guidelines given by Thailand tourism and be co-operative when necessary.
  • Wash your hands with soap regularly to avoid any infection and travel safely.
  • Carry the certificate of entry along with passport/photocopy of passport anywhere you go. Behave respectfully around the royal family. This includes photos and also pictures of them on the Thailand currency.

To keep yourself from getting into conflicts, there are a few places that you must avoid visiting. Mainly the southern tip of Thailand, which is prone to problems. There are gorgeous northern regions in Thailand that everyone visits, and by no doubt, you’ll have a great time there.

Where can you travel in Thailand?


Must-visit places in Bangkok:

Grand Palace:

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Live life king-size’ and wondered what it would be like to live like that?

Here in Bangkok, you can visit the Palace where the former King of Thailand King Rama used to live. This magnificent palace is breathtaking and is located in the heart of Bangkok city. You can get tour of this palace and witness the royal life of the king. Try not to get jealous of all the luxury and its beautiful historic architecture. When you visit the palace, you wouldn’t want to miss exploring the places around like ‘The temple of Emerald Buddha‘ . It is the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand. Both of these places have received Safety and Health administration stamp (SHA). A place gets it after passing the tourism industry standard established by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Sealife Bangkok Ocean World

This breathtaking place located two floors below the Siam Paragon shopping mall in Bangkok has the highest tourist footfall. This ocean world is home for more than 30,000 creatures from all over the world. To maintain social distance as instructed by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, there will only be a limited entry for the visitors. You will also have to wait if the visitors reach the maximum capacity to follow a safe social distance. This kind of safe social distancing is probably the reason why Thailand had the least number of infected cases. Before you visit the place, confirm the situation with the Ocean World and then pay your visit there.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak weekend market is one of the busiest streets in Bangkok which hosts more than 2,00,000 people during the weekend. Here you can enjoy everything, from street food to local shops selling clothes, accessories, antiques, etc. But because of the global pandemic and decline in tourist visitors, there are lesser people on the streets. The market is open now and anyone can visit. The mandate is to maintain social distancing norms and stay safe as much as possible. Chatuchak market is a weekend-only market. Make sure to include this in your Thailand tour package accordingly.

Floating Markets

As interesting as the name sounds these floating markets are one of the places that you must visit if you visit Thailand. Maintain all the safety measures needed. It is one of the suitable places to visit in Bangkok for kids. Apart from enjoying the boat ride, you can buy tropical fruits and vegetables that are only available in Bangkok. Try the local Thai cuisine at the floating restaurants. If you enjoy the idea of Dal Lake, then you will also enjoy visiting Floating markets in Bangkok.

 Khao San road-

Long a haven for foreign backpackers, Khao San Road has gentrified to include a few boutique choices. It is now a colorful and vibrant part of Bangkok. Here Thai’s come to join travelers at some of the best bars and clubs in town. They also enjoy all the various shopping bargains.

Other places that should be on the list while in your Thailand tour package:


Not far from Bangkok is Thailand’s old capital Ayutthaya, there is a temple named Wat Chaiwatthanaram. It was declared a World heritage site by UNESCO. It is known as the royal monastery. There are various other temples in this city of Ayutthaya that you can visit.

Chiang Mai

You can take the sleeper train and head to any northern part of the country. The train goes all the way north where it stops at Chiang Mai, the city between the mountains. This city is filled with ancient temples, cozy cafés and weekend markets. Take your time and explore how the locals pray and feel the calmness it offers.

 Local Markets and street food

You don’t want to feel regretted by not trying the local Thai food, especially pad Thai made by the locals. Spicy street food is a must-try here even if you are not a big fan of it. There are various local weekend markets that you can explore during your trip to Thailand.

 Tuk-tuk Rides

Your trip to Thailand is incomplete without the Tuk-tuk rides. Tuk-tuk is commonly used vehicle for travelling locally in Thailand. You have to be careful on these rides. The driver can take a longer route than usual to earn more money. Beware of such petty scams.

 Koh Tao – For Peace & Tranquility

The smallest island of Thailand, Koh Tao is one of the best places to visit in Thailand. It owes its name to the copious sea turtles that inhabit its shores. Drifting tranquility in the Gulf of Thailand, this island is famed for its laid- back nature. It’s got diverse diving sites off its shores. Do dance with sharks and raise a toast to Thailand on its white beaches. Ko Tao is also called the Turtle Island and is considered as one of those places that are a must-visit in Thailand. This place is perfect for the person who loves scuba diving. One cannot just do the diving for fun a, but can also learn it by doing a diving course at a very reasonable price. They can do it with the help of a wonderful and admirable instructor.

Phi Phi Island – For White Sand Beaches

Phi Phi islands consist of a group of six islands. They lie between the large island of Phuket and the Straits of Malacca coast of Thailand. These islands feature pristine beaches with glistening white sand and crystal clear blue waters. These islands also feature striking cliffs, thick forests and a beautiful shoreline that makes it one of the must-visit places in Thailand.

Tribes in Thailand

Thailand is also a country which is a home for different tribes like Karen, White Karen, Lisu, Hmongi, etc. and everybody can visit them. Mostly these tribes moved in from neighboring countries looking for better hunting and shelter opportunities. These tribes let you stay with them and help you understand what they do in their day-to-day life.

Natural beauty 

The country is home to lots of monkeys and elephants hence there are some places dedicated to these animals. Monkey lovers must visit Lopburi. You can also spend a day with rescued elephants and take care of them. While in Thailand, don’t miss the chance to visit picturesque forests, waterfalls & beaches.

The “Land of smiles’ will be a fantastic retreat for your perfect vacation. Its inescapable nightlife, coral island, scenic beaches and rock formations emerging out of the sea will stun you. Yes, the future of travel post pandemic will not be the same with fear hanging over us. But your travel to this country will be safe if all the safety measures are followed and taken care of. 

Make sure you select the right tour package and enjoy it to the fullest in Thailand. 


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