lift buttons to foot pedals in thailand seacon square lift

Covid-19 Innovation: Mall replaces lifts buttons with pedals

While all countries are trying to fight COVID-19, Bangkok’s Season Square Mall implemented a unique approach by replacing lift buttons with foot pedals.

Covid-19 Innovations are paving the way to revives the travel and hospitality industry.

This pint-sized COVID-19 coronavirus has brought the world to its knees. While all countries are trying their best to fight this, Bangkok’s Season Square Mall implemented a unique approach.

Lift buttons were replaced with Foot Pedals

Bangkok’s Seacon Square has installed foot pedals both in front and inside the elevators. This is one of the highly welcomed COVID19 innovations by customers as it allowed them to go hands-free while operating the elevator. Thus reducing the risk of infection.



Malls in Thailand had proposed this transformation keeping in mind the current pandemic and safety of shoppers and shopkeepers. The motive here was to avoid contact with contaminated surfaces.

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