Day trip to the ruins of Thailand’s old city-Ayutthaya


Baan U Thong
Coffe Old City
Bai Plu
Somtum Sukanya
Sala Ayutthaya Eatery & BarAyutthaya, a city 80 kilometers north of Bangkok is a UNESCO World Heritage site that depicts a beautiful fusion of history and architecture. Founded in 1350, it was once the world’s biggest and most beautiful city along with being a center of global diplomacy and commerce until the Burmese invaded and burnt it to the ground. Wandering through this once-thriving ancient city will give you an idea of its history and architectural splendor.
If you’re planning to visit Ayutthaya soon, here is a detailed itinerary and guide list to take you through the city.
Culture Trail ITINERARY-Ayutthaya-pg1
Culture Trail ITINERARY-Ayutthaya-converted pg2


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