Popular Destinations in Chumphon

Among the many cities located in the Archipelago, the town of Chumphon is best known for its coral reefs and pristine beaches. Located in Southern Thailand, it is considered as a tourist getaway amongst the other Islands. Apart from its marvelous islands and beaches, the province is surrounded with a number of opportunities for swimming, sunbathing, yachting, paragliding, diving and snorkelling.


Here are some of the exotic places one must visit in Chumphon

1.Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Shrine:
The shrine of the late Prince of Chumphon is located around 20 kilometers south of Chumphon. Considered the father of the Royal Thai Navy, he had a number of important positions in the navy.His shrine, apart from being a prominent and popular tourist spot is now known as a place of worship where tourists show their respect, especially those who are still working at sea.

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2.Mu Ko Chumphon National Park:
Previously known as Sai Ree, Mu Ko Chumphon National Park comprises several landforms, including varied forests, mountains, islands, caves, beaches and, of course, the sea. With the varied landscapes comes the wide variety of animals, mammals, birds, and sea creatures.Picture Credits: Wikipedia

Hat Thung Makham and Hat Sai Ri in Amphoe Mueang, Hat Arunothai in Amphoe Thung Tako, and Hat Tong Khrok in Amphoe Lang Suan are just some of the many beautiful beaches with white sand and clear waters. Off shore, the park encompasses more than 40 islands such as Koh Chorakhe, Koh Ngam, Koh Samet, Koh Maphrao, Koh Mattra, Koh Thong Lang, Koh Langka Chio and several islands in Amphoe Thung Tako. Most of these islands offer colourful coral reefs that lure tourists for swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling.


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3.Chumphon Night Market:
Situated in the central part of town, the Chumphon night market is easily accessible from the train station. This market offers a variety of edibles ranging from different plates of seafood to juices and shakes. It is a good place to explore on foot. Along with delicious street Thai food options, tourists can also grab a pizza or enjoy a cup of coffee at one of the many shops and street outlets.


4.Thung Wau Laen Beach:
Thung Wau Laen Beach is one of the most popular beaches located 15 kilometers from Chumphon town. With its white sand merging into the sea, you can go for a swim or take a dip. A large variety of reef fish, gorgonians and sponges are found underwater. The beach is dotted with a variety of restaurants, shops, internet cafes and bars, while also offering popular water activities like snorkelling and diving.


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Rafting down the Phato Canal, tourist can take in the relaxing prospect of the surrounding tropical forests and luxuriant fruit orchards. Rambutan, durians, coffee, and mangosteens are cultivated along the banks of the canal. Excitement is provided by a few small rapids along the route and the possibility of spotting forest animals such as hornbills, spectacled langurs or dusky leaf monkeys. Elephant riding is another possibility. While rafting is possible year round, it is best from February to April, with a rafting festival held every December.

6.Had Sai Ree:
Had Sai Ree is one of Chumphon’s most popular and scenic beaches, with clear waters and white sands. Bungalows and restaurants stretch out in tandem with the long curved beach. Nearby is a monument to Prince Kromluang Chumphon Khet, Udomsak, the founder of the Royal Thai Navy.

7.Pak Nam Chumphon – The Chumphon River Delta:
Pak name Chumphon is at the mouth of the Tha Taphao River, where a large fishing village is situated. The riverbank sports a few landings from where regular ferries depart to Ko Tao.


Apart from these destinations, Chumphon has a lot more to offer to its tourists.





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