Getting around in Thailand: Your ultimate guide to transportation

Getting around in Thailand: Your ultimate guide to transportation

Who doesn’t get excited about a Thai vacation! Travel to Thailand and explore every corner of it with the help of pocket-friendly public transport of Thailand Tourism.

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Thailand is one of the favourite destinations for people who love travelling. Whenever you hear about a vacation in Thailand you can remember the colorful cityscape, blue ocean, and white sand. But to appreciate them all you must need some pro tips about the transportation in and around Thailand.

 Discover 7 most exciting means of transport in Thailand: –

1. Tuk Tuk


TukTuks on the road

Tuk Tuks are one of the most native 3 wheeled vehicles that can be seen on the roads of Thailand. Especially if you are from any Southeast Asian countries then you can get the experience of an ‘auto-rickshaw from it.

Before your ride, you must know that these Tuk Tuks are much more extravagant than other popular public means like motorcycle taxis in Thailand. The fare remains generally between 80 and 150 Baht. Among all the Thai cities Bangkok is more intense with Tuk Tuks. Especially in busy hours they can be seen packed with both natives and tourists. You can travel long distances and even have a contract for a day with these wheels.  So when you are in Thailand, you must have a ride on the Tuk Tuks.

2. Buses: –

Colourful Thai buses

Buses are one of the top preferences for long-distance public transport in Thailand. They provide a large network connecting different places along with numerous rotations. Especially in Bangkok, you can find buses of different colors, shapes, and sizes. These will take you to cities like Pattaya, Hua Hin, Krabi, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and more.

There are both public and private buses. The public buses are a bit easily accessible whereas the private buses offer VIP buses with more comfort and better services. If you are traveling inside the city or a shorter distance, public buses can be an option. On the other hand, private bus services are the best choice for longer distances. Generally, there are two standards of private buses in Thailand: VIP and Express. VIP buses in Thailand will give you the ultimate comfort and the best experience of a long-distance road trip. Unlike its name, the Express buses are a little slower than the VIP buses. As these buses have both locals and tourists as passengers, you can have a mixed cultural experience in the journey.

  1. Trains: –

Trains are the most affordable way for travelling in eye-soothing locations. But if you check out different train classes the facilities will also differ. In the first-class cabin, you can even get an air-conditioned personal cabin and a double bed. You can spend your ‘me-time with the essence of nature’s beauty.

The overground railway network connects the whole country. It offers a delightful journey through the beautiful landscape of Thailand. Though the Thai trains run at a moderate speed, if you are on a holiday, of course, you are not in a rush of anything. The train routes like “Bridge on the River Kwai in Thailand-Burma rail route” and “Half-day railway market and floating market tour” are bound to amaze you. The train passes through an active market in the half-day railway market route. It is astonishing to you how Thai people balance both the railway and the market at the same time and place. 

  1. Flights: –

Thai flights for domestic travel

When it comes to long-distance travel inside Thailand, flights can often be the most convenient option. Thailand tourism offers many flights to travel within the country. They have 6 international and 23 domestic airports to transfer you to your favorite destination. Especially in this pandemic situation here are some suggestions for airports to fly safely.

  • Phuket International Airport
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport
  • Krabi Airport
  • Pattaya Airport
  • U-Tapao International Airport

 Flights are the quickest means in Thailand to travel from one place to another. Several airways in Thailand offer flights to different destinations. AirAsia, Bangkok Airlines, or Nok Air are some of the famous airlines in Thailand. You can reach many of the tourist islands only by boarding a 1- hour flight. Currently, it may be apparent that in this COVID pandemic you are worried about the safety measures while flying. This is why the airlines take care of the passengers’ hygiene safety measures like sanitization, GAP-certified food materials, passenger screening, etc. Now you can easily opt for your escape from the home-stuck life.

  1. BTS Sky Train and MRT Subways:-

Bangkok MRT Subway train inside

The Tuk Tuks, buses, trains, or flights are the most common conveyances. But along with these, there are also some other means you should check when you are going to travel to Thailand. Thailand Tourism is offering two other kinds of rail services along with the trains. They are the Bangkok BTS Sky train and Bangkok MRT Subways. In recent years due to the over-congested traffic on the road, these train services have become quite popular among people. In this pandemic too, the authorities are taking care of social distancing, sanitizing to make people’s travel experience easier and safer.

  1. Thailand Sea Travel: –  

Not only the flamboyant townscape Thailand has also some lovely onshore islands. If you want to go to those places, you must take a boat or ride on a Cruise. Only Phuket and Samui island have their airport to avoid long sea travel. Speedboats, ferries, night boats, longtail boats- you have plenty of choices. You can also travel with one’s motorboat. To book tickets, you can either go to the boat company’s desk or book it online. If you have booked a hotel on an island, often they offer a boat service to reach your destination.

  1. Cruise: –

Cruise on the Andaman Sea

If a cruise ride is on your bucket list, then there are plenty of private cruise services to fulfill your dream. You can either travel from one place to another by cruise or you can even go for a 3 to 4 days sea trip on the cruise. The blue deep Andaman Sea is offering an amazing view that will refresh your mind. The lavish arrangement and comfort of these cruises will enhance your maritime experience.

Thailand has multiple kinds of cruises for sea lovers like long-tail boat cruise, river cruise and luxury sea cruise along the ocean beaches. Some islands are tourists’ favourite destinations for cruise trips. You can go to Thailand Tourism’s website for further details about the cruise ride.


Apart from the Tuk Tuks, Buses, Trains, Sky trains, Subways, Boats and Cruises  Thailand Tourism is also offering other on-road vehicles like taxis, motorcycle taxis or Songthaews. There is undoubtedly a different kind of amusement in experiencing all kinds of rides when you’re traveling to a new place. Thankfully, Thailand also has its unique transport system to make your holiday more enjoyable. So what are you waiting for? Plan your next holiday to Thailand and make it a wonderful memory.