Koh Jum: The unexplored Thai treasure

Koh Jum: The unexplored Thai treasure

If you are tired of unpredictable work hours and chaotic life, then there is no better retreat than the mesmerizingly beautiful Koh Jum Island. This relatively unexplored Andaman isle strikes the perfect balance between scenic landscapes, thin crowds, and serene atmosphere. For a relaxed holiday, toss your stress aside, laze on the beachside sipping refreshing coconut water, or go for a dip in the refreshing water and let the warmth of the sun feed your senses.

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A famous actor once quoted, “If I want to go on holiday, I want tosit on a beach, swim, drink cocktails and read a book.” Koh Jum island is an ideal vacation spot to relax and pamper yourself by pursuing your hobbies that you always wanted to. There isn’t much to do in terms of organized entertainment, but there are many activities that Koh Jum  offers to all its tourists including families.

Water Sports

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Fond of water sports? You are in the right place. Most resorts at Koh Jum offer mask and snorkels for hire. Go for a nice swim or snorkeling or scuba diving in the clear water of this wonderful island. At the same time, be careful when you are in the sea. Many Koh Jum beaches have lots of rocks that you can see only at low tide.

Hike up the Koh Pu Mountain
The hypnotizing Koh Pu mountain dominates the landscape from all over Koh Jum. For the adventure seekers, it makes for the perfect getaway. Get closer to the nature and explore the beautiful Thai Jungle while trekking. It’s best if you hire a guide who ensures that you safely find your way up and down. Remember to take plenty of water, sunscreen and don’t forget to wear comfortable footwear.

A Boat Tour Around the Island
The scenic beauty of Koh Jum looks even more bewitching when you are on a longtail surrounded by water on all sides. Get in touch with a local guide or your resort to arrange the longtail for you and don’t forget your sunscreen lotion and hat before hopping on it.

Walk on the Beach
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Take long relaxing walks on Koh Jum’s beautiful beaches and enjoy the heartwarming sunrise and spectacular sunset. The less-populated beaches are also ideal for jogging if you are a fitness enthusiast. Plus, you can play beach volleyball in your favorite shorts and sunglasses.

Ride a Motorbike
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Hire a motorbike and enjoy a nice ride on this breezy island. There isn’t much traffic here, which makes it easy for you to reach different places. You can rent the bikes from resorts. Ensure that you wear a helmet and have a travel insurance.

Learn How to Cook Thai
A few of the resorts here offer informal cooking lessons on how to cook Thai food. If you are a foodie, this activity can be great fun, and will also give you an opportunity to treat yourself to Thai food cooked by yourself.