Travel to Thailand: Best Tours By Thailand Tourism

Travel to Thailand: Best Tours By Thailand Tourism

Thailand is the land of dramatic contrasts with busy cities like Bangkok and the tranquility of Khao Lak. You will find a flawless blend of culture, nature and excitement in the numerous tours and activities offered by Thailand Tourism. The thrilling nightlife, rich cultural heritage and natural beauty must complement your travel to Thailand.

If you are planning a refreshing and exciting hideaway after this lockdown, you should definitely think of Thailand. Along with staying in luxury resorts, you will definitely love to visit the hidden gems of Thailand.

You can have a nice time in Thailand by exploring verdant woods, lounging on pristine beaches, savouring wonderful cuisine, and shopping in Thai arcades. Here are some of the most famous tours offered by Thailand Tourism you must visit.

Half-day Railway Market and Floating Market tour:

With the nickname ‘Umbrella Pull-down Market’, this market is placed on both sides of an active railway track! It is amazing to shop in ‘Half-day Railway Market’ as you will see the vendors pulling down their shutters when a train comes.

Experience the essence of the organised chaos of Thailand’s largest floating market. While travelling in traditional Thai long-tail boats, you will be able to shop from a collection of astonishing merchandise. It also has several food corners and small restaurants, so you can spend the whole day floating without going back to your hotel. The boats will take you through different picturesque canals. During your 109-kilometer journey to Damnoen Saduak on this Thailand Tourism tour, you will get a taste of the local Thai way of life.

Phi Phi Island speedboat tour:

The speed boat tour at Phi Phi island is one of the most attractive activities to visit when you travel to Thailand. Especially, if you are visiting the country for the first time you must include this in your holiday to-do list! You’ll experience the beauty of amazing Phuket from the speedboat in the Andaman Sea. In this tour of 8-9 hours, you will be amazed by the astounding limestone cliffs rising out of the clear waters of the Sea. The white beaches and coral reefs will give you an exotic vibe and some memorable photographs. Thailand Tourism offers various activities like swimming, snorkeling on the beaches of Maya Bay, Low Samah Bay, Pileh Cove, Viking Cave, and Monkey Beach. You also need not be worried about pick and drop service from the hotel as this tour includes that too. You can enjoy this amazing tour with family and friends. 

Elephant bathing tour:

If you are an elephant-lover then you must go for the elephant bathing tour when you travel to Thailand. The tour takes place at the Big Buddha Safari camp located at the great white Buddha statue in Thailand. You can enjoy the beautiful views of the island at the Buddha statue first and have a fun and exciting experience at the camp later on. Thailand Tourism offers a spectacular opportunity to spend time with magnificent elephants in the safety and restrictions of their natural homes. A trained professional guide will give you an understanding of the behavior and the personal history of the animal. The spot also has astounding views of beaches and jungles. The elephants are enthusiastic to let their new friends check out their homes and take photos with them. You can do activities like elephant swimming and mud bathing, animal showering, scrubbing and feeding with a lot of other fun adventures. Just like other domestic animals, elephants also love attention from humans. That’s why this tour is a perfect place for both the tourists and elephants to create a bond between them. The mahouts will guide you on how to perform the activities with the loving elephants. You will enjoy a different kind of experience on this tour that is generally not available in the zoo. It is recommended to visit this tour with a group of people. 

 Phuket FantaSea show:

The Phuket FantaSea show also known as the fantasy of a kingdom- is a Las Vegas-type Thai cultural show organised by Paragon Design Group Limited. It spreads awareness about the value of being Thai by delivering performances using advanced technology, magical sets and more. They use various advanced technological aspects to create illusions for the audience. You should visit it at night to watch the show first, and enjoy multiple cuisines after. The tour has a shopping space as well where you can buy gifts and souvenirs. The show remains closed on Thursday but opens for the rest of the week. You can easily book your tickets online when you plan to travel to Thailand. On the weekends, they offer special discounts and combo offers to tourists. This is a must-try!

Jungle safari:

Thailand has plenty of lush green jungles that could be explored by tourists. Jungle safari is one of the most enjoyable and fun tours. They mostly take place in Phang Nga, Khao Lak and Khao Sok Province which are about 100 Km north of Phuket. The Phang Nga is the most famed spot for jungle safari and the tour mostly begins from there. This tour includes elephant trekking, hiking through the jungle and activities like river canoeing, bamboo rafting and other fun adventures. It is recommended to wear a light outfit and comfortable walking shoes. The tour takes up the whole day and provides food, pick up and drop services as well. If you love nature and adventure, this is the perfect tour for you when you travel to Thailand. 

The Royal Elephant Museum:

In Thailand, elephants have long played a major role in the lives of the locals. So, Thailand offers plenty of tours and activities based on this magnificent creature. The museum is located in the Dusit district of Bangkok and is devoted to Thailand’s royal elephants including the majestic white elephants. They also organize frequent shows and entertainment programs for all the visitors. The bonus is the beautiful architecture of the museum. It is a great picture spot. This tour could be completed within a few hours and booked online. The Museum has particular timings that usually keep changing. It is best to pre-book and plan the day accordingly if you wish to visit and enjoy the tour.

Sport Fishing:

If you love adventure tours, you would surely like this one when you travel to Thailand. The tour takes place from about 18 Km south of Phuket. It offers the best traditional fishing experience in Thailand. From there you can go and enjoy Raya Yai Island on a yacht or a boat. The Andaman Seawater is home to plenty of fishes like sailfish, black marlin, billfish, and a variety of tuna. The tour program offers to pick from the hotel, lunch, swimming, bottom fishing, and drop back services. Fish-catching is permitted and legal in the area of the tour. There are even fish-catching contests organized by the locals for tourists. You can also opt for diving, paragliding and other water sports there. If you enjoy water sports, fishing and just having a relaxing time by the sea this is a great option for you. You can also customise your activities according to your preferences. 

Thai cooking class:

This is a perfect tour for all food-loving tourists. This allows people and tourists to learn authentic Thai cooking. The Phuket Thai Cookery School offers a variety of day courses you can take during your trip. The class is led by a local chef. It starts with introducing students to Thai ingredients and a visit to the local market leading to cooking mouthwatering Thai food. The tour also offers certificates, Lunch, recipe cards and pick up and drop from the hotel. They list their menus online, and you can choose which course you want to do. The courses take up to 6-7 hours of the day. They could mostly be booked in the afternoon. They offer both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options as well. It is a great educational tour to book when you travel to Thailand. 

 Pig Island day trip in Thailand:

This is one interesting and fun tour that would take around 3-4 hours of your day when you travel to Thailand. Tourists can enjoy island hopping without worrying about jumping through boats, as the tour is offered on speedboats. They visit both- Koh Tan and Koh Madsum islands. It is almost 12 hours away from Paradise beach. Enjoy an exclusive and fun feeding and interacting experience on Pig beach with Lunch and beautiful sights. The pigs are fed rutted fruits and vegetables offered by locals. They are only allowed to be fed in the sea. Where the water level is low so that there is less chance of the animals ingesting sand. It is close to Phi Phi island, and you can plan to visit them together. The tour package includes transfers to and from the airport and hotel. This is enjoyed by children and teenagers, so you can book this tour for your family. It is one of the best spots to visit in Thailand.

 Angthong National Marine Park Tour Thailand:

Spend your day by exploring islands on a speed boat through the Andaman Sea. The boats take about 50-60 minutes through the islands. The tour starts with Ko Wao Yai with a complimentary Thai Buffet lunch on the beach. You can opt for several fun beach activities followed by sunbathing, relaxing and chilling on the white sands. When you visit Thailand, you should definitely set aside a day for this tour. You can either sit and relax or enjoy and be sporty and do adventure sports on the island. You can visit this popular aspect of Thailand tourism with your friends and family and enjoy offers and discounts. 

Thailand is a tropical paradise with so many places to visit. Whether you like adventures or relaxation Thailand has it all. You simply need to have your plan ready and wait for things to improve. You’ll surely experience a wonderful and loving holiday there!