Coco Beach | Tourist Attractions & Things to Do

Coco Beach | Tourist Attractions & Things to Do

While Thailand is about picture-perfect beaches, the more the word spreads it becomes crowded. One of the advantages of the inter-connected technology world is that it gives us access to information on paradise that has not been invaded yet, or else you need to depend on serendipity. We were beneficiaries of the latter, chancing upon a picture perfect beach called Coco Beach in Southern Thailand, with a swing, palm trees, great weather and loads of sweet coconut water. We were an app that needed the latest sync with nature to restore balance in our lives. Find out how we found the place, and what we did to spend our day out at the beach with beautiful vistas of sunsets.


You can also track the detailed story on this link, and can watch the documentary here. This was made as part of a documentary called #TheBeachTrail2017


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