The Best Wellness Spa Resorts in Thailand

The Best Wellness Spa Resorts in Thailand

Did you know Thailand is the second-best destination in the world to get quality massage and spa? Give a pause to your regular routined life and treat yourself with a relaxed trip to Thailand after this epidemic is over. The spa resorts of Thailand promise to retrieve your mental and physical calmness with their wellness treatment plans. Also, the lush green landscape and the tranquil blue seas will cool your eyes and mind. Not just a simple holiday for taking rest, the wellness trip to Thailand will give you nature’s treatment to rejuvenate your soul.

Beautiful Thai spa resort

Planning a holiday with your friends or your partner? How about a spa holiday? Choose your favourite one among the best spa resorts in Thailand and start your planning until Thailand welcomes you!


Here Are The Best Spa Resorts Offered by Thailand Tourism: –

1. Rosewood Phuket: –

Villa Rosewood, Phuket

If you are planning a luxury and wellness stay in Phuket, you should definitely check out the spa resorts of Rosewood. The fully air-conditioned rooms and suites are a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary architecture. In these rooms, the incredible cityscape through the windows will soothe your mind. The private bathrooms with separate bathtubs and designer toiletries will give you a reclining experience of showering.

After the long tiring flight, the best thing that Rosewood will offer you is the relaxing spa at the beachfront of Emerald Bay. Their wellness treatment programs will let you know the needs of your body and mind. All the programs are specially pastored by experienced professionals to let you ‘pause, declutter and heal’. Through these extended options of programing, you will find the ultimate relief and renew your whole self. 


2. Amatara Wellness Resort Phuket: –


Amatara Resort and Wellness

The word Amatara represents ‘immortality’ in Sanskrit. You will truly retreat your body-mind-soul goals at Amatara Wellness Resort Phuket, in the lap of the Andaman Sea. Each of the villas of Amatara is designed to offer you enormous comfort. The pavilions and suites with personal sea-view balconies will make you feel like staying forever.

Amatara offers you a diversity of wellness programs at the picturesque location of white beach for making your stay more luxurious and calming. You can choose anyone from spa revive, detox and many more. These comprehensive treatments have been carefully planned according to their benefits and the ancestry of traditional wisdom. The medicines used in these treatments aim to stimulate the healing forces of your body. You will develop a sense of balance and calmness in your body and mind. The other wellness treatments like stress management, combat insomnia, depression management will cure all kinds of mental and physical complications and give you a fresh and fit self. 


3. Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort & Spa: –


Santhiya Koh Yao Yai Resort & Spa

If you are looking for original Thai essence while you are staying in Krabi, the spa resorts of Santhiya are the destination for you. Nestled between hills and the Andaman Sea, Santhiya is a perfect blend of nature and Thai culture. When you’re checking in you’ll have access to your private beach and waterfall pool.

The eco-luxury resort of Santhiya offers you a nature-inspired Beach spa and the traditional Ayurveda spa for your wellbeing. These spas combine the goodness of nature and purity. The traditional Thai massages, facials, body scrubs, baths have a tropical essence to give you an extraordinary feeling of mindfulness. Also, to make your staycation in Santhiya more delightful, they have seven different bars and restaurants to satisfy your tastebuds.


4. Phulay Bay, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve


Phulay Bay Krabi

What if your host in Thailand welcomes you through a Pagoda? Phulay Bay will give you exactly this experience at their entrance. This Ritz Carlton Reserve is one of the best among the spa resorts in Thailand. Settled near Phi Phi island, on the shore of the Andaman Sea, this resort is a perfect blend of culture and nature. You can have fun activities in the majestic Dragon Crest mountain or can relax over a private dinner with an ocean view.

The best thing about Phulay Bay is the Thai massages amidst the tropical gardens of Krabi. A calm and relaxing bath in the vitality pool will remove all your baggage of stress and tension. The traditional Thai spa will restore the peace and balance of your soul and body. Especially the locations of the spa like the outdoor terrace, lagoons will make your experience even more memorable.


5. The Sarojin: –

The Sarojin Khao Lak Resort

Nothing can be better than a luxury boutique beach resort on a less crowded beach in Thailand. The Sarojin Resort in Khao Lak island is exactly this kind of location to connect your love and passion. Alongside a heavenly white sand beach of Thailand, Sarojin welcomes you for a romantic getaway. These western coastal spa resorts in Thailand provide you a luxurious and relaxing stay and bring new delight every day.

Along with a wonderful dining experience, the rejuvenating spa among the serene waterfall and private beach will make your stay in Sarojin unforgettable. Pathways is a luxury spa with eye-soothing views of the coconut groves and the Andaman Sea. This spa service consists of open-air treatment pavilions, rain showers, couple baths and an air-conditioned facial treatment room. The open-air post spa relaxation lounge area will let you discover the new and improved version of yourself. 

6. Keemala: –

Bird nest villas, Keemala, Phuket

Have you ever thought of staying in an all-pool villa in the rainforest of Thailand? The spa resort of Keemala is situated in exactly this location of Kamala forest in Phuket. The bunch of cottages of different shapes in the lap of the dense green forest will give you an otherworldly experience. Keemala embraces local Thai culture, history and nature, like in the tree pool houses which have been influenced by birds. You will be refreshed by the calm and quiet environment of this one of the best spa resorts in Thailand.

Along with this astonishing location, you can rewind with the signature treatments of Mala Spa. This in-house spa has an extended collection of Thai-inspired treatments to rejuvenate your whole self. The customised and integrated healing programs will restore the balance of your inner-self and renew the unrelaxed mind. In Mala Spa, the guests will go through a holy rejuvenating journey. The elements of these treatments consist of nature’s elements like earth, ocean, fire and also Keemala’s own rituals. With Mala Spa, you can treat yourself to the perfect oasis for your soul, body and mind.

7. Six Senses, Yao Noi: –

Six Senses, Yao Noi

Far from the chaos of cities, if you want a hideaway among nature, the spectacular cityscape of Thailand can be your solution. As the spa resort of Six Senses is located on the exotic edge of Phang Nga Bay, you’ll experience a magical stay here. You will be in the vicinity of greens along with all the shades of blue that will freshen up your mind.

While hearing the chirping of wild birds you will experience the rejuvenating treatments of Six Senses Spa Village. The Thai-inspired treatment sales in the tropical hillside will automatically calm your mind down. The traditional healing practices persuade a sense of comfort. Also, the tempered shower in the sauna and steam water gives your body the ultimate feeling of relaxation.

8. Layana Resort & Spa: –

Layana Resort & Spa

In the serene location of Koh Lanta island, Layana Resort & Spa is one of the best wellness stays in Thailand. The preserved greenwood hideaway of Layana will let you wake up to a refreshing sunrise yoga along with sweet bird songs. From a leisurely breakfast at, palm-fringed shore, walking through endless white sand alongside the distant blue horizon, you’ll get the ultimate experience of unwinding.

Layana offers you an innovative selection of stretches, massages, and spa treatments to reduce your hassle and generate a feeling of well-being. You can associate your body, mind and soul through intense meditation sessions. Through slow movements, you will renew your physical as well as spiritual wellness.

9. Absolute Sanctuary: –

Absolute Sanctuary, Koh Samui

Absolute Sanctuary ranks among the top spa resorts in Thailand. Whether you want a lifestyle or health treatment or weight management program, you’ll get everything under one roof. Putting together Thailand’s best treatments, Absolute Sanctuary is here to restore the ‘Absolute You’. Their wellness programs will make your holiday more meaningful and relaxing. Nestles on a lush green scape of Thailand the cozy stay will give you the flavour of ultimate peace.

The integrated wellness programs of Absolute Sanctuary address your individual needs. This extended collection of treatments include pamper, detox, de-stress, change lifestyle and many more. The gentle touch of the spa will make you feel relaxed at your best.


10. Four Seasons Resort, Koh Samui: –

Four Seasons Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand

In the Four Seasons, you can enjoy the relaxed island life of Thailand. The sterile white beaches enclosed with lush greeneries and the calm blue sea of Koh Samui island will make your inner soul happy. Starting with the villas with private pools to relaxing on your private deck you’ll spend your dream holiday in Four Seasons.

Encounter the tranquility of Thai island along with traditional Thai spa and massages. The collection of massages, spas, treatments, therapies and scrubs will offer you deep relaxation. In short, the white beaches, cold breeze, tropical greenery and soul-rejuvenating spa will surely make your stay more memorable.


11. The Village Resort & Spa: –

The Village Resort and Spa, Karon Beach

If you want to stay in Thailand which is a fine blend of luxury and elegance, The village Spa-Resort is the destination for you. Alongside the dazzling sand and crystal clear sea, the stay in The Village will offer you the ultimate tropical experience. You can chill in the private pool or mountain view jacuzzi for refreshment. Then pump up your taste buds with gourmet Thai cuisines.

The Village Spa has a wide range of body massages, body treatments, facials and beauty treatments. They have three private cells to provide you the finest Thai Spa experience. Each of the sales has its own garden, bathroom and steam room. Under the sky, in the oversized bathtub, you will get the ultimate essence of nature. The ultimate Thai Spa services are elegantly designed to rewind your mind and recharge your body and soul.


12. Chiva Som International Health Resort: –

Chiva Som International Health Resort

The meaning of ‘Chiva Som’ is ‘the heaven of life’. In Thailand’s Hua Hin district, Chiva Som is specially designed to enhance the enrichment of your life and soul. They have curated the retreat with treatments and refreshing activities. Not only the physical wellbeing, but Chiva Som also thinks about your emotional balance and plans your stay accordingly.

Chiva Som, Hua Hin is quite popular in Thailand as a health and wellness retreat. You can choose from their traditional Thai treatment menu like detox, beauty, emotional-mental balance, relaxation, stress management and many more. The treatment and activities are divided into four quarters. The first three quarters are specially designed by expert health practitioners. In the last quarter, the experts will design the program according to the guests’ desires. Through the holistic experience of these four quarters, you will be able to rewind your stress and treat you a better self.

13. Amanpuri: –

Amanpuri, Phuket

On a private peninsula of Phuket, Amanpuri is one of the best luxury spa resorts in Thailand, embraced by the Andaman Sea. They will start your wellness program with a doctor panel to check your nutritional deficiencies. Designed with Buddhist architecture each of the villas will offer you the ultimate privacy along with a personal swimming pool.

The wellness program of Amanpuri consists of a nutritious meal plan, private sessions and delicate spa treatments. The spa treatment includes various ingredients like turmeric, aloe vera, chamomile oil and therapeutic touch for your ultimate peace. These programs include the best treatments of different countries like Japan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and many more.


  1. Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort: –


Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort

Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort is the only place where you can not only interact with the elephants, rather you can stay in a place enveloped with a jungle where many elephants roam around. Situated in Northern Thailand with a view of the Mayanmar-Laos border this resort is a mesmerizing experience. Accompanying the elephant camp, Anantara also offers spa in the woods and cruise tours in the Mekong river.

Unwind all of your exhaustion with the centuries-old wellness spa tradition at Lanna Resort. Lanna’s three-storied open-air spa pavilion welcomes you with a scent of lemongrass. You can relax in the tempting milk bath followed by a gentle spa. The widened spa menu offers you to choose a variety of spas like floral fruit massage, aroma stone massage, traditional Thai massage. Lastly, walk through the paddy field off Layana to explore your new self among nature.  


You lose the peace of your life somewhere amid the hustle and bustle of your everyday routine. Then you yearn for a relaxing vacation to unwind from your worries. If you are someone who is looking for a leisurely holiday in a luxurious resort with some cold breeze, peaceful islands you should definitely check out the fancy-posh resorts of  Thailand for your next vacation. Thailand will welcome you with a warm, loving, and rejuvenating experience because of its diverse scenery, fantastic climate, and scrumptious food!