Explore the northern hillside of Thailand!

Thailand is a land of abundant natural beauty. Rich with scenic landscapes, wildlife and natural heritage to explore. While the beaches sound like fun, how about we take a trip up north to discover hidden gems?

1. Your northern Thailand travel plan is incomplete without exploring these places. Which will you pick?

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2. Which hill range of northern Thailand would you explore first?

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3. Which Temple in Chiang Rai are you eager to visit most?

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4. Northern Thailand brings you many fun experiences, which would you put on your itinerary?

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5. Which of the unfamiliar provinces of northern Thailand would you explore?

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6. Thailand has 7 major hill tribes and they celebrate festivals with splendor, like this Akha Swing Festival. Which festival would you like to be part of?

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7. Northern Thailand Food is a delight! What will be your first pick?

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8. Where in Chiang Rai would you spend a day?

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9. What is the first thing you plan to do in Chiang Mai?

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10. The Northern hill tribes are resplendent in heritage and culture. Whom will you be meeting?

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Explore the northern hillside of Thailand!
Great, now that you are familiar with the northan Thailand, learn more

Every walk and trek in northern Thailand offers you a gorgeous hillside view. Every village you pass by and street you walk through gives you a glimpse of traditional Thai history and culture. For an enriching experience and charming journey through Thai roots, make sure northern Thailand is on your itinerary.

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