Explore the social-distancing measures adopted by malls in Bangkok with Mark Wiens

Important insights into the social distancing procedures adopted by malls for added safety 

Thailand has successfully dealt with the horrors and effects of the COVID-19 virus that has brought the entire world to a standstill. The severity of the pandemic was such that travel and tourism ceased temporarily.However, the precautionary measures and social distancing followed by the government and citizens has helped the country restore its business and operations.

Thailand has managed to control the spread of COVID-19 by religiously following the practice of social distancing and sanitization. Malls and businesses have adopted a new way of conduct to ensure that locals and tourists, both, have a pleasant experience in Thailand without any risk to their health and safety.
In order to give you a glimpse of the new normal, Mark Wiens set out on a tour in Bangkok to experience the modified guidelines for malls. The earnestness of people to follow the rules and maintain their safety was one of the first things that caught his attention. 


Malls in Thailand have extensively worked on their screening processes and put up guidelines to ensure that people are conscious about their conduct in public. The screening measures now involve-


  • Check-in and Check-out using the QR Code on the Thai Chana application https://www.thaichana.com/(Thai Channa App) insert the link for the app
  • Wear a face mask or cloth mask at all times
  • Go through thermal scanning
  • Go through feet disinfectant checkpoints
  • Sanitize hands with alcohol gels provided at checkpoints
  • Maintain a distance of 1-2 meters from others in all activities

Scanning of QR codes on https://www.thaichana.com/(Thai Channa App) has become mandatory in every mall and supermarket to maintain a record of everyone who visits a particular place. On entering the mall premises, feet disinfection is followed by a temperature check. Every mall has installed an auto gel dispenser to make sure every visitor understands the importance of sanitization. Visitors are merely required to put their hand before the alcohol gel to avoid any form of contact. 

Some malls have also installed a mask-vending machine near entrances to ensure visitors have access to a face mask at all times. The information desks have also put UVC sterilization machines for added safety which is a free-to-use small box where you can put anything to sterilize.

Social distancing is practiced inside malls as well where people are instructed to maintain a safe distance while waiting outside stores or in queues. Stickers reminding people to ‘keep a safe distance’ form a major part of the flooring of the mall. People working at eateries and coffee shops are also required to maintain social distancing and wear a mask at all times. The seating arrangement is made such that people are asked to occupy every alternate seat.

In his video, Mark Wiens also draws our attention to the sanitisation reminders placed in every nook and corner of the mall. The elevators are marked with guidelines on where people can stand to ensure that social distancing is followed at all places. Only five people are allowed to use the elevator at a time.

Restaurants and food joints in the mall have modified the dining experience as well. Each table is divided by a glass or plastic shield to allow only one person to sit  on one side. Social distancing is being followed in the restrooms as well where every other urinal is blocked for usage with bold stickers. 

Every local shop and business is following the same guidelines to avoid the re-emergence of the COVID-19 virus. The responsiveness and co-operation from people has helped Thailand resume its operations successfully. Thus, it is no surprise that Thailand was the fastest to recover from this pandemic.


For the same reason, the Tourism Authority of Thailand requests people to follow social distancing and sanitization at all places. Tourists can visit and enjoy all the major attractions and destinations with some improved rules and guidelines. 


Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic instilled feelings of fear and anxiety in many, however, any similar outbreak can only be prevented if people are conscious about their choices.

Let’s make an effort to practice social distancing at all costs and redirect ourselves to the time when fear of no virus and pandemic was looming over us. 

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