Fifth Phase for Relaxing of Restrictions Beginning 1 July, Covid-19

The Thai Cabinet Approved the Extension of the Emergency Decree Nationwide for Another Month, Until 31 July 2020. Citing the COVID-19 Pandemic Remains at Serious Levels in Many Parts of the World yet Relaxing of Restrictions

The Green Light in Covid-19 for All Remaining Entertainment Businesses and Activities to Resume Normal Operations Beginning Today, 1 July 2020. Phase One From 3 May, Phase Two From 17 May, Phase Three From 1 June, and Phase Four From 15 June

It includes :

Shopping malls, department stores, community malls, convention, and exhibition facilities, can resume normal operating hours, but no later than 22.00 Hrs.

Convenience stores, supermarkets, and similar businesses can resume normal operating hours during the Covid-19 period.

Pubs, bars, karaoke bars can reopen until midnight, but sales promotional activities remain prohibited.
The sale of food and beverages in restaurants, food parks, and hotels, is allowed past midnight. But the sale of alcoholic beverages is not allowed outside the specified hours (11.00-14.00 Hrs. And 17.00-midnight).
Services must be limited at specified hours during the period for Gaming and Internet cafés. They can resume normal operating hours.
Bath-sauna-massage establishments can return to normal operating hours as specified by the law.
All businesses and activities that resume normal operations must be subject to the government’s disease control measures. Both the business operators and customers must follow the social distancing rules. Also, they must use the Thai Chana online platform when checking in and out.

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