15 Reasons why you should not miss visiting Thailand

15 Reasons why you should not miss visiting Thailand

Thailand – The Land of Smiles, The Land of Beauty, and the land of wonderful people. There are more than a few reasons why you should definitely vacation in Thailand. In fact, we can find at least 100 things for you to do in just Phuket! Shocking, isn’t it? Whether you travel with family, kids, friends or want to explore a tropical paradise, Thailand will offer you an enriched experience. Still, wondering how or why? Here are 15 reasons why you should not miss visiting Thailand. 

1. Versatile Vacation Destination  

Everyone enjoys Thailand! Yes! It’s true. That’s because Thailand has something interesting for every person, every budget, and every trip. This means, even if you took three vacations in Thailand, you could plan it differently and enjoy it immensely! If you’re travelling with children, there are several educational and entertaining attractions that you can enjoy as a family. If you feel like backpacking, Thailand has a rich flora and thriving adventure activities scene you could explore. From living in homestays to luxury resorts, you get to enjoy the Thailand way of life on every budget too. Thailand is quite affordable, thus chosen by several travellers globally. Each Thailand trip can be easily customized to the true vacation experience you’re looking for. Unwind, explore or just go on a temple run. It’s that versatile!

2. Hideaway in the Mountains

Thailand’s landscape is divided by the Thai highlands up in the north and the beaches in the south. And even the southern peninsula of Thailand has islands with lush jungles and hills. Take a northern Thailand vacation to trek through the mountains and nature trails of Doi Inthanon. Catch beautiful sunrises at the summit of Doi Chiang Dao. You could even learn about Thai agriculture and enjoy its fruits high up in the mountains at Doi Ang Khang in Chiang Mai. If the mountain terrains beckon you, Thailand has a plethora to offer. The treks and hikes for all levels of travellers, scenic trails, and misty clouds are some of the 15 reasons why you should not miss visiting Thailand.

3. Thailand National Parks and Jungles

Imagine zip-lining through Thai jungles as the green canopies fly past you. Walkthrough the woods as various birds whistle melodies. Or would you want to explore the mangrove forests of Ranong on a long-tail boat? Thailand’s national parks and jungles offer travellers a mix of deciduous and evergreen forests. Here you explore some of the rarest and stunning flowers, trees, and wildlife. Khao Yai National Park and Khao Sok National Park are the most popular national parks of Thailand. And while you’re here, head to the Bat Caves of Khao Yai National Park. Don’t miss the beautiful golden-green pavilion at Phraya Nakhon Cave inside the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park at Hua Hin. Check out most beautiful national parks in Thailand – unspoiled wilderness & wildlife

4. Getaway to the Thailand Beaches 

Want to soak up the sun and sip cocktails by the beach? Thailand has almost 2,000 miles of scenic and stunning coastline with almost 8,000 islands! Now it isn’t entirely possible to explore all of them, so here’s the best Thailand beach guide for you to pick from. Each beach is more beautiful than the next with balmy waters to swim in, white sands to relax, and a view of crystal blue waters. And of course, so much to do! Water sports, surfing, snorkelling, and diving to see the underwater world. Kayaking in the open ocean against limestone rocks, island hopping, and taking long walks along the beach. There’s a reason that Thailand is often chosen by most couples for destination weddings and honeymoon vacations!

5. Convenient Transport 

Thailand is well-connected across all of its 73 provinces, which makes it convenient to travel practically anywhere in Thailand affordably. From budget-friendly air travel to reach Thailand to the colourful buses and the BTS sky train in Bangkok, travelling is so easy. In fact, transport in Thailand itself is an experience you should not miss. Why take the Taxi around, when you can take a fun ride on three-wheeled Tuk-Tuks and shuttle around in mini pick-up trucks called Songthaews. How can we miss the train rides! Check out the 4 best train trips from Bangkok that will make your trip even more interesting. Want to spend the day on the river? Take a long-tail boat on the klongs (canals) of Bangkok or enjoy a dinner on the Chao Phraya river cruise. 

6. Wildlife Sanctuaries

With Thailand’s vast forest cover comes its multitude of wild animals. And Thailand’s wildlife sanctuaries make every effort to ensure the preservation and care of wildlife. Take a trip with your family to the various ethical elephant sanctuaries across Thailand. Some of these sanctuaries even let you live, study, and work with elephants first hand. Several rescue sanctuaries like Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary in Sukhothai have opened their doors for visitors to watch how elephants live in nature. Do your kids love dogs? Head to the Soi Dog Foundation to meet and interact with rescued dogs of every kind. Enjoy a hearty lunch buffet and a fabulous time interacting with elephants at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai.     


7. Take a spiritual journey to the Temples 

With around 40,000 Buddhist temples in Thailand, you can comfortably experience the calm and spirituality in any province across Thailand. While temples in Thailand bring you a peaceful aura, they have been designed by world-renowned architects and designers. This means each temple has something unique to see and look forward to. From the Buddha head enshrined into the large banyan tree roots at Wat Phra Mahathat in Ayutthaya to temples made of wood – Sanctuary Of Truth and bottles – Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew. Thailand’s temples will astound you and the Buddha statues will leave you awestruck. In fact, the Reclining Buddha inside Wat Pho in Bangkok is one of ten giant Buddha statues across the world!  Don’t forget to check out the top most Instagram picture worthy temples in Chiang Rai, Thailand!


8. Art and Museums 

The best stories and history live in the art of a nation and its museums. And Thailand has some interesting stories and history. Have you checked out the pride of Thailand- the UNESCO world heritage sites in Thailand?  Thailand has some interesting historical museums like the National Museum in Bangkok, Arts of the Kingdom Museum, Museum of Siam, and more. But it also has fascinating museums that bring alive some fabulous experiences. Art in Paradise in Chiang Mai, a 3D Art Museum, Art in Paradise Pattaya, and Phuket 3D Museum gives you fun and exciting pictures. The Jim Thompson House Museum will take you on the journey of art silk, while the House of Opium museum gives you an insight into the opium trade history of Thailand and its neighbouring countries. The Nang Talung Shadow Puppet Museum is great learning for the whole family into the tradition of puppetry in Thailand.

9. The Tasty Thai Cuisine 

Thailand welcomes foodies with open arms and offers travellers a gastronomical delight. Uncovering the food journey in Thailand itself would require you to live here longer. That’s why it’s one of the 15 reasons why you should not miss visiting Thailand. If nothing else, visit Thailand just for the food. Thai cuisine has been recognized globally and the best way to explore the real taste of Thailand is with delicious street food. Every region has its own cuisines and dishes tailored to the ingredients that grow in that region. So, the noodles in Northern Thailand will taste completely different from Southern Thailand. The tropical weather of the country allows a variety of fruits to grow – dragon fruit, mangosteen, mangoes, pineapples and so much more! Don’t even get us started on Thai desserts – Read about it in the ultimate Thailand sweets guide.

10. A Shopaholic Paradise 


What do you want to take back home as your fond Thai memory? A steal deal on branded merchandise or an authentic Thai souvenir, Thailand is a shopaholic’s paradise. Head to the Sunday walking streets in Phuket and Chiang Mai to find local artisans selling beautiful hand-woven fabrics, weaves, jewellery, silverware, Khon Masks, artifacts, and more. Night Markets in Thailand are popular for their all-evening fun. Brightly lit colourful tents, a myriad collection of food, musical performances in the street, and some more shopping – it’s an experience in itself! The Chiang Rai Night market, night market in Bangkok – Asiatique the Riverfront, Yaowarat Road Night Market, Rot Fai Market are some of the bazaars you must shop at. Another fabulous shopping experience you must not miss when in Thailand are the floating markets selling fresh fruits, local vegetables, and freshly prepared meals just before your eyes. Hop on to a long-tail boat and let your navigator take you through the calm waters of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and Amphawa Floating Market. And of course, the Malls – Icon Siam Shopping Mall, CentralWorld, and Siam Center are just a few of the fantastic malls in Thailand for shopping. Confused about what to buy? Read the ultimate Thailand shopping guide.


11. Thai People love Fun!


There is a valid reason why Thailand is known as the ‘Land of Smiles’. And the reason is the smiles – locals, visitors, everyone. Thai people are inherently warm, welcoming, and love to help. Need to find someplace? Just ask. Want to know the best places to eat, ask anyone and they’re more than happy to give you a bunch of options. The locals have a natural tendency to smile at everyone around as a form of greeting. Not just that, Thai’s love having a good time! They are always up for some fun and will make you comfortable and ensure you’re having a good time too. That is probably why festivals in Thailand are celebrated with great fervour. Even trekking through the jungles of hill-tribe villages, you’ll enjoy a home cooked meal in the house of the locals. They are more than happy to teach you about their lifestyles and mannerisms.

12. Thai Festivals 


Thailand celebrates close to large and significant festivals in a year. Some are symbolic, some religious, and each region celebrates it in its own style. Thai’s love their festivals! Don’t believe us? Just head to Thailand in April and watch the whole nation indulge in fun splashing water during Songkran. And it’s not just the locals. Thai people make sure that travellers and visitors revel in the festival fun too. You get to discover the spiritual aspect of festivals, join in the ceremonies and enjoy the food and fun of festivals too. Check out the famous festivals all-round the year in Thailand! 

13. Thai Weather is always fine 


Thailand’s tropical climate makes it a sunny bright destination almost all year long. Even during the monsoon’s Thailand has destinations that you’d want to visit and you’d enjoy the most due to the weather. If you prefer a cooler temperature, plan your vacation to Thailand from November to March. It’s never too cold, always pleasant and you can always dress in your finest. Love swimming, snorkelling, and diving? Right up to April the weather in Thailand remains pleasantly warm. The waters are cool so the marine life comes closer to the water surface. This means you enjoy a fulfilling diving session. 


Northern Thailand comes alive during the monsoon’s – June to October. Everything looks greener, fresher, and gets cooler. It’s not all rain, there are gentle evenings with sunny skies periodically. So, you still get to have all the Thai fun.

14. Rich Thai Culture


Thailand has a rich culture embedded in religion. Influenced by neighbouring regions and trade in the early years, Thai people imbibed the best of each region. Did you know Thailand ranked fifth best in world for cultural heritage influence in 202195% of Thai locals follow Buddhism and this forms the foundation of why Thai people are wonderful. The culture insists on respect, trust, honesty, and truth. Here’s a quick glimpse to know all about Thailand’s Buddhist communities. Family takes center stage in Thai communities. Festivals are celebrated together and in true Thai tradition with ceremonies and food. Take a break from the beaches and adventure sports to discover Thailand’s local life and culture when you’re on your vacation. Another fantastic way to experience Thailand is through community-based tourism, where you learn authentic Thainess by living the local life.

15. Best Instagram Pictures Ever! 


Thailand is stunningly beautiful. The 1,366,901 posts of #thailandtravel on Instagram are proof of the glorious sunsets, scenic mountains, and crystal waters. You don’t even need to be a professional photographer. Every landscape in Thailand does that for you. The limestone karts in blue waters, the sea of clouds from high atop mountains, orange hues of sunsets, Bangkok skyline at night, and amazing colourful food. Everything is worth a click in Thailand! That’s why destination weddings in Thailand are so popular because the pictures are simply spectacular. From nature to city life, hills to the beaches, and the temples, your Thai vacation will give you drool-worthy Instagram pictures. Consider a pre-wedding or honeymoon photoshoot with your loved one. Or just capture the best family memories against incredible natural backgrounds.

Already packing your bags then? That’s great! Don’t forget the sunscreen and your best mood. It is time to plan your Thai vacation and these are only 15 reasons why you should not miss visiting Thailand. Once you’ve experienced amazing Thailand, we’re sure you’ll have many more reasons to come back again