Dishes for every Foodie -food to eat in bangkok

Dishes for every Foodie -food to eat in bangkok

If you’re a food lover, Thailand is your go-to place to experience delicious seafood and desserts. From street food to fine dining relish different flavours at every place. Here are some famous outlets and dishes that you will enjoy in Thailand.


1. Tom Kha Gai
Tom Kha Gai is a Thai soup with the distinct flavour of galangal, a rhizome somewhat similar to ginger.
This version of the soup is made with chicken, coconut milk, fresh galangal, lime juice, lemongrass, fish, sauce, basil, chili paste, and cilantro. Rich and dynamic this delectable Tom Kha Gai is warm and thoroughly comforting.

2. Issaya Siamese Club, Bangkok
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Issaya Siamese Club is a beautiful Thai restaurant located in Bangkok. There are several outstanding signatures at Issaya but the most unmissable is Yum Hua Plee – banana blossom and palm heart salad, crispy shallots and roasted peanuts in a chili jam dressing and Kittichai’s “broken bucket” dessert of Kanom Tung Taek – cold coconut crepe soufflé with Thai condiments. It is an ideal restaurant to experience modern Thai cuisine in a relaxing atmosphere.

3. Dash Restaurant and Bar, Chiang Mai
The teak wooden house is a very popular destination offering outdoor garden dining, upstairs or downstairs with the musicians.

You will enjoy assorted appetizers and crispy tamarind chicken, sweet and delicious. They really have a winning combination.

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4. More Than A Game Café, Bangkok

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As soon as you step into this cosy café, its games grab your attention. You can find everything from Pictionary to Monopoly and Chess there.


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Its variety of games is quite extensive. While you’re playing your games, try their tortilla chips and cheesecake that are highly recommended.

5. Pia Pao
When in Thailand try Pla Pao or Thai Style Grilled Fish. It is a delicious street food.

The dish is full of flavours and is enjoyed with rice and a spicy Thai seafood sauce. This perfectly thought out dish makes for one delicious meal.

Whether you are a food lover or not you will enjoy every bite of the delicious cuisine in Thailand. The delicious food with its lovely ambience is a cherry on the cake.