4 Day Trip Thailand Guide – Beaches, Pubs, Nightlife

It’s bad manners to keep a Vacation waiting”– Anonymous

Whoever said the above was damn right! Travel is one of the best stress-busters and to keep a vacation waiting would be nothing short of a sin. We had been holding off on planning a vacation/ BFF’s Bachelorette for months – even a domestic trip seemed ages ago. After reviewing multiple options, we finally decided to go for Thailand – a paradise for tourists in South East Asia.

At the outset, we didn’t want to plan a short 3N/4D trip to Thailand. The philosophy is that when you travel to a place, try to have an optimum number of days for sight-seeing and relaxation. There are lots of places to see in Thailand –

Business/Leisure – Bangkok

Beaches, Pubs, Nightlife – Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi

Beaches, Resorts, Honeymoon – Ko Phi Phi Don, Koh Samui and many more.

We decided Bangkok & Pattaya 

This oceanic and touristy city is just a two and a half to three-hour car ride away from Bangkok and has it’s unique chilling vibe. Nature lovers would love going to Pattaya since it has a lot of water activities to offer. Pattaya is famous for some things for sure, but not everybody heard about the Coral Island there. It is a beautiful little island with white sandy beach, palm trees, shallow warm water, excellent fish dishes. Coral Island is a small Thai island 10 kilometers off the coast of Pattaya. From Bangkok we went first to Pattaya, it took for an hour, after that by speedboat to this island. I am a beach person, I  like lying on the beach, and this was special. Some hours doing nothing just relaxing.

As soon as we reached there we grabbed our bikinis, wore our cute beach outfits and had some amazing bridesmaid shoot done too  and definitely not to forget the LEHEGA shoot .

We reached the island through the ferry in about 30mins. And oh my god I cant even explain how beautiful it was, the sparkling transparent water with all the corals under it and the white sand to walk on. It was just so wonderful I cannot describe in words. We spend our whole afternoon there. We enjoyed a lot of rides,we relaxed, we had the amazing street food. We were so tired when we got back to our room the next morning we had to leave for Bangkok so we slept as soon as we got to our room.

For now Checkout this small video shot by my GoPro

Find out more about Bangkok in my next post.
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