Insight Thainess – Episode 3 – The Art of Andaman Batik Fabric

The dawning sun is weaving its bright light over the land filling every life with cheers and energy.  The local inhabitants of Ko Yao Noi, an island of Phang Nga province begin their day’s work early.  Some fishermen are heading back ashore, ready to trade their catch for some cash.  Both the land and the sea here offer abundant natural resources for the locals, whose simple yet graceful daily routines are depicted on local handicraft items.

As a time-honoured work of art that reflects the local way of life, batik fabric with colourful patterns has long represented the unique identity of people in Southern Thailand and the Malay Peninsula.  Inspired by the natural surroundings, batik artists sketch images of various objects; such as; flowers, sea waves and marine creatures, on the fabric. Such patterns depict the artists’ real-life experience and, therefore, vary from one area to another. Yet there is one concept that all batik pieces represent: life overflowing with happiness and merriment.

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