Island Hopping in Phuket – A Must in your Thai Itinerary

Phuket is among the finest islands around the world with warm, sunny weather all year round. This tropical island offers long stretches of powdery beaches with an option to explore a diverse marine life. And it doesn’t end there! 

If you want a wholesome experience of relaxation with adventure; island hopping in Phuket, should be on your itinerary. 

Phuket is surrounded by a bunch of gorgeous islands that will excite every type of traveller. From snorkelling to watching the spectacular sunsets and sights to hiking, get ready to explore the islands of Phuket. With multiple islands, each more beautiful than the other, it can be difficult to choose the best island. But don’t worry, we’ve worked out an island hopping plan for you!

1. James Bond Island

Where do you think, the famous 1974 James Bond movie, ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ was shot? James Bond Island? Of course YES! The movie has put this charming island of Phang Nga Bay, 25 kms north-east of Phuket on tourist’s maps. Get ready with your favourite James Bond pose when you hit this island. 

Enjoy the scenic beauty of limestone cliffs soaring vertically out of the emerald-green waters. 

Go kayaking over the seas to get a close view of these towering cliffs as you canoe through the limestone caves & mangrove forests. 

To add more activities in your James Bond itinerary, book a Jungle Safari at Khao Lak National Park. Here, you can enjoy the experience of a lifetime with elephant trekking, river canoeing & bamboo rafting.

Indulge in a delicious sea food tour at the floating Koh Panyee village while you fish in this floating village. One advice is to always keep your camera batteries fully charged, to capture the eternal beauty of James Bond Island. 

2. Similan Islands

Explore the underwater paradise at Similan islands! Situated around 84 kms northwest of Phuket, the island lets you explore the colourful coral reefs, and an amazing variety of marine life including leopard sharks, guitar rays, manta rays & turtles. The Similan islands  are considered as one of the best diving sites in the world. 

Are you one of those, who is scared to dive into deep waters, but also doesn’t want to miss seeing rich coral reefs of the Thai waters? We’ve got a simple solution! Hop on a local boat and cruise around the islands for a day. The crystal clear water of the Similan waters gives you a sneak peek of the rich coral life lying beneath. 

If you decide to go hiking in the forested hills of Similan Islands, you can spot some rare wildlife. This could include birds like Nicobar Pigeons, Roseate Tern, Collared Kingfisher with Garden Blue Lizard, & Grey Cheeked Flying Squirrels.

You would also notice heaps of large rocks lying around the island, which are found on almost every beach of Similan Island. That’s the work of hot magma done around 100 million years ago. If you are feeling a little adventurous, climb up these rocks during the evening, to get an amazing view of the sun setting into the ocean.

3. Koh Mai Thon Island

How cool would it be to snorkel around Dolphins? Yes you heard it right, Dolphins! Koh Mai Thon is a private island located southeast of Phuket, and is a perfect destination for honeymooners. Koh Mai Thon is a dream for escapists looking for peace or some private time. The island is famous for its unique coral reefs, blue shimmering waters, and a relaxing ambiance. 

Swim, eat & relax under the shade of coconut trees. The island being home to rich tropical fish & dolphins, you must go snorkelling. You don’t need to be a professional or be an expert swimmer. There are many professional guides on the island, to make your experience safe and exciting. Keep an eye out for dolphins! 

Since, there’s only one hotel on this small island, pre-book to ensure you make the best of your visit to Koh Mai Thon.


4. Koh Lanta

Hop on a speedboat ride of 15 minutes from Phuket to Koh Lanta and witness the unspoilt nature with green mountains, lush jungles & long beaches. You can discover Koh Lanta’s long coastline with a Kayaking tour going through the mangrove forests, and the local flora & fauna.

Koh Lanta is an island nestled in between green nature & the turquoise blue waters with sandy shores. If you feel like taking a break from the beach, Koh Lanta has much to offer. The island is a home to many beachfront restaurants & cafes where you can savour the delicious Thai cuisine. 

Want to make your trip to Koh Lanta more adventurous? Take up a jungle hiking tour to the caves of Mai Kaew. The cave is situated up on a hillside with closed spaces & narrow paths, making your experience even more exciting. You can also take up Elephant trekking through the dense jungles of Koh Lanta. These experiences will definitely complete your adventure’s checklist!

  5. Coral Island

Did someone ask if walking under the sea is possible? Yes, it is! Welcome to Coral Island!  

Discover the spectacular coral reefs of Coral Island by walking on the ocean’s seabed. You get to wear a special helmet which is connected to an oxygen compressor. Just imagine, you get to float and walk underwater for 20-25 minutes without having to hold your breath. Isn’t that amazing?

If you are looking for a combination of the best views of sunsets & sunrise along with water activities, Coral Island is the complete package. A 30 minutes ride from Phuket, Racha Yai on Coral Island is a hub for water sports activities. 

Now that you’ve hopped on to Coral Island, enjoy an aerial view of the beach, parasailing! 

Take a ride in the skies with colourful parachutes and get your adrenaline pumping.

Coral Island also offers other water activities like snorkeling, jet skiing & banana boat rides. At the end of all activities, enjoy the gorgeous sunset while you sip on some cocktails on the beach.


6. Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi Island is located amongst the exciting jungles, limestone cliffs and beautiful beaches. If you want to experience the whole of Thailand’s food, beaches, adventures & parties, Phi Phi Island should be on your Thai itinerary.

If you like to challenge yourself, get on a hiking tour to the Phi Phi viewpoint. The rocky hill is covered in the greens of Phi Phi jungle. The route of the hike may seem tough but it’s all worth it, when you get to see the gleaming waters of the ocean from the top. Pack some snacks, energy bars & water before you get on this long adventure. This tiny island has no cars, so the only option is to walk or take boat rides. 

The island is a hub of cafes, restaurants & pubs. You can’t miss out on the exotic nightlife in Phi Phi islands.There are also many beach parties with bonfires, where you can indulge in singing & dancing with grilled barbecues. Let’s party in the Phi Phi Islands!

Phuket island hopping is something you don’t want to miss. Every island near Phuket has something unique to offer. Explore the untouched beaches, diverse marine life, adventurous activities through Phuket island hopping. Get your buddies, maybe your partner and add some tropical island sun and sand to your travel diaries. 

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