Koh Kham Island - A Slice of Local Paradise

Koh Kham Island – A Slice of Local Paradise

Just a few kilometers off the coast of Sattahip in the Gulf of Thailand, lies a dormant slice of paradise known as Koh Kham. It is an island that is stunningly beautiful and as of yet, a hidden gem, visited mostly by locals and Thai tourists.

If you’ve never heard of Sattahip, it’s often overshadowed by its loudmouth neighbor – Pattaya. I’m sure we all know Pattaya pretty well, don’t we? Well Sattahip is just 40-something km further south of the city. It’s a quaint town known for its local, laid-back lifestyle and delicious seafood.

After reading about this place from a Thai traveler and blogger, we knew we had to visit this place. Not only because it looked so amazing but the fact it is only about 3-3.5 hour drive away from Bangkok. I mean just look at this place!

To read more about Shayan and Kanika’s experience at this wonderful Thai paradise kindly click here – http://www.doseoflife.com/koh-kham-slice-local-paradise/

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