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Pastel Rooftop : Creator of timeless moments

Situated in the bustling urban landscape of Bangkok, Pastel Rooftop Bar & Mediterranean Dining has become the ultimate spot for people in search of an unforgettable time for any event. With its captivating atmosphere, awe-inspiring vistas, and flawless hospitality, Pastel Rooftop accommodates a variety of festivities, whether it’s a romantic encounter, a thrilling gathering, or a delightful birthday celebration.

Celebrate every occasion

When the event demands celebration and thrill, Pastel Rooftop knows how to host a gathering that will leave attendees wanting more. The dynamic ambiance, throbbing music, and animated crowd generate a stimulating vitality that establishes the platform for a memorable evening. Skilled DJs play a blend of trendy melodies and high-spirited rhythms, enticing celebrators to the dance area, where they can immerse themselves in the cadence.

Where gastronomic pleasures and stunning panoramas meet

The sophisticated and lively ambiance of Pastel Rooftop further elevates your dining experience. With its stylish and contemporary design, the rooftop location offers a breathtaking setting for your culinary adventure. The delightful menu presents a variety of gastronomic pleasures, from exquisite Mediterranean meals as French, Italian cuisines, flawlessly accompanied by a wide range of premium wines and handcrafted cocktails. Whether it’s a significant anniversary, a Valentine’s Day festivity, or just a longing to forge enduring memories with a beloved person, Pastel Rooftop guarantees a captivating encounter that will leave hearts dancing making it one of the most popular rooftop in Bangkok.

Pastel: a mix of splendor, gastronomy and modern

For those in search of an unforgettable birthday festivity, Pastel Rooftop presents an encounter that surpasses anticipations. Whether it is a cozy gathering with dear companions or an extravagant event with a sizable assembly, the rooftop location presents a scenic setting that establishes the atmosphere for a jubilant event. The committed personnel collaborate closely with attendees to devise customized menus, themed embellishments, and even unexpected components to render the birthday celebration genuinely remarkable. With flawless service and meticulous attention to every aspect, Pastel Rooftop ensures a vibrant and lively celebration that will leave guests raving long after the music stops.