The Ultimate Thailand Sweets Guide

Thai people love their sweets and usually they end a meal with a plate of seasonal fruit like papaya, watermelon, etc., but it’s just as easy for one to indulge in the array of intricate and coconut-rich desserts that Thailand has to offer. These Thai desserts require effort and time and therefore are not easily available in restaurants however, these desserts have found their way to the streets for us to enjoy.

Below are a few of the desserts you must not miss when visiting Thailand:


1) Khanom Krok

Khanom Krok is a special coconut pudding that’s unique to Thailand, often prepared on the street-side by vendors who make it to order. There are different minor variations, depending on the chef, and it’s always prepared in a cast iron khanom krok pan. Common toppings are green onions, sweet corn and taro and these treats are best eaten piping hot off the pan.


2) Itim

Its coconut infused Thai style ice cream topped with roasted peanuts and usually served in a coconut shell. There are even places in Bangkok’s Chinatown that serves ice cream in hot pot’s that would normally be used to serve tom yum soup with liquid nitrogen in the middle for a dramatic effect.


3) Luk Chub

They look like various kinds of fruit and vegetables, such as chillies, cherries, mangosteens, oranges, mangoes, bananas, watermelons, and carrots but they are in miniature. Their taste is sweet, their smell is fragrant, and their appearance is attractive and colourful. The process to make this is tedious and was therefore a royal dish back in the day. They still preserve its position as the sweetmeats for those of high society since they are rather expensive and the Thais popularly present the dessert to their superiors and elders on special occasions.


4) Woon Bai Toey

It is prepared in a jelly along an emerald green pandan jelly to go with it. They complement each other nicely, one creamy and nutty, the other with a clean, green and vanilla like taste. Visually, a real treat to make anyone at the table really happy.


5) Tup Tim Krob

It is one of the most famous Thai desserts, which is made of cubes of water chestnuts in syrup coated with red food colouring. This dessert is known as “pomegranate seeds” or “rubies” because of its appearance. It is usually eaten with coconut milk and ice cubes.


6) Luem Gluen

The direct translation of this dessert is, “I forgot I swallowed.” These little cups have a custard-like consistency and are topped with fluffy, salty coconut cream. They’re infused with pandan leaves and then smoked with a special Thai incense used only for desserts. Yes, you read that correctly: smoking the dessert adds a floral jasmine scent and a complex layer of flavours to the dessert. Pop, it in your mouth and it immediately melts, hence the name.


7) Bua Loy

Bua Loy is still a popular dessert in this country today. It is loved by people of all classes. That’s why it is available in many places, ranging from food stalls on the sidewalk to good restaurants. The name of this Thai dessert means “floating lotus” and it comes in different colours created from infusions of pandan leaves and mashed pumpkin.


Have you ever had a chance to try out any of these Thai Desserts when you visited the ‘Land Of Smiles’? Comment below describing your favourite Dessert from Thailand.


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