Romantic Getaways For Newlyweds in Thailand

If you’re looking for a place that is oozing with romance and love, Thailand makes for the ultimate honeymoon destination. From thick rainforests, mesmerising waterfalls, soothing beaches and bustling cities, The Land of Smiles is a complete package! Thailand has a vast diversity of landscapes to witness a gamut of picturesque views. To help you savour the relaxed ambiance of Thailand along with its impressive urbanisation, we have compiled a list of some of the best honeymoon destinations in Thailand.

Before you set out to enjoy this beautiful vacation, leave all your worries behind, pick up your partner and jet set to Thailand! Step into this glorious land with a lot of love, excitement and enthusiasm. And let your Honeymoon in Thailand become a special start to your journey of married life. 

  1.  Phuket

    Lavish couple spa, candle light dinner by the sea and a peaceful stay at a pool villa-this is just a glimpse of what your honeymoon in Phuket could be like. Phuket’s relaxed yet upbeat vibe, soothing beaches and palm fringed coastline come together to create the perfect ambiance to celebrate your love and marriage.

    If you want to start your vacation with a few leisurely hours on the beach, we’d like to remind you that Phuket has over 30 beaches. Patong and Kata Beach are a few popular beaches here. While the former is known for its exciting nightlife, the latter can save you from swarms of tourists and offer you a few priceless moments in isolation.

    Also, is your honeymoon even complete if you haven’t gawked at some breath-taking views with your loved one and posed for a picture or two? Of course not! One of the best spots to visit in Phuket is the Phang Nga Bay that is renowned for its limestone formations, small islands and mangrove forests. Just hop on to a cruise with your partner, and behold the natural opulence that will transport you to a surreal land. James Bond Island, Koh Pangyee and the cave of Reclining Buddha are a few spots you should definitely visit if you’re headed to Phang Nga Bay.

    In addition to the natural beauty, Phuket also has plenty of options for shopping and partying. Phuket Night Markets are a treasure trove of goodies and souvenirs-from trendy clothes to lip-smacking street food, you can find it all here. If you’re in the mood for some loud music, revelry and drinks, Bangla Road is bustling with restaurants, bars and cafes.

    We know there’s a lot to choose from but the best part is that Phuket offers such a vast variety of choices that you can savour the city just the way you like it.


  2. Koh Samui

    Koh Samui’s powdery beaches, turquoise waters, lush rainforests, lavish resorts and plush spas offer the perfect island experience for your honeymoon. Bophut Fisherman’s Village is one of the highlights of Koh Samui, where the laid back lifestyle, old wooden houses and rustic buildings will enrapture your hearts.

    If you’re in the mood to explore limestone mountains, jungles, white sand beaches and hidden coves, the Ang Thong Marine Park will add a lot of picturesque views to your honeymoon. You can witness the varied nuances of this park on a traditional yacht. Just find a seat on the deck, get a refreshing drink and glide through the waters to enjoy some blissful moments in tranquility. You can also indulge in scuba diving and snorkelling in the cerulean waters of Koh Samui.

    This place also has some stunning locations for exquisite dinners. Whether you like dining amidst treetops or dinner cruises, Koh Samui’s fresh and refreshing aura will completely align with your honeymoon mood.


  3. Hua Hin 

    Hua Hin is quite different from the other popular beach towns in Thailand. The city boasts of a relaxed vibe that makes for a perfect setting to spend some laid-back moments with your partner. Apart from the many beautiful beaches here, there are plenty of things to do in Hua Hin on your honeymoon.

    Reinvigorate your soul at the Kaeng Krachan National Park while navigating the waters of Phetchaburi River on a raft or enjoy a drink with your partner while getting lost in sunset hues-Hua Hin’s peace and relaxed atmosphere is the best place to unwind, relax and recharge yourself. While Hua Hin Night Market is famous for everything from clothing to fresh seafood, the city also features Plearn Wan Retro Markets. You can find a splendid variety of vintage furniture and charming stalls set up in old shophouses.

    Yes, you should definitely pick up something from these markets, something that will always remind you of the precious moments and make you yearn for your honeymoon all over again.


  4. Trang

    This coastal province features a beautiful coastline along the Andaman Sea. If you’re eager to witness and learn about Thai culture with your partner, Trang is sure to captivate you with its warm and friendly locals. From local food to experiencing the local life, the people here are extremely friendly with visitors and tourists.

    If you’re in the mood to hop on to a boat with your partner and gaze at the magnificent scenery that surrounds Trang, visit Haad Sao Yai. The beautiful bay is surrounded by jungles and limestone cliffs which is sure to mesmerise your senses. You can also rent a kayak and paddle to Tham Morakot which is also known as Emerald Cave.

    Thung Kai Botanical Garden makes for another exhilarating adventure here. Take a tuk tuk or motorbike from Trang town to get here and explore the mesmerising views and garden path. Don’t forget to take the canopy walk as it would take you deeper into the jungle.


  5. Udon Thani 

    Situated in the North-East part of Thailand, Udon Thani is a blissful honeymoon destination in Thailand. Known for its Buddhist temple complex, pagoda, lakes and orchid farms, there are plenty of ways to spend a memorable honeymoon  with your loved one here.

    The Non Prajak Public Park located here encircles an artificial lake and also features a manicured garden, football ground, fish-filled lake and stone statue. Explore the beauty of this park on a cycle or take a leisurely walk with your partner-the park offers a splendid ambiance for some romantic moments.

    Udon Thani also has something to quench your adventure spirit. Phu Foi Lom is an eco-park that features a luxurious organic garden and various adventure activities. Sprawling strawberry farms, vibrant flora and plenty of nature trails are sure to keep you occupied for a long time. You can also enjoy trekking and overnight camping here as the park provides suitable camping equipment inside.


  6. Nakhon Ratchasima 

    Nakhon Ratchasima is Thailand’s biggest province that combines the beauty of nature with the interesting Khmer-era culture and history. So, if you want to travel back in time with your partner and witness the historical and cultural opulence of Thailand, this place will not disappoint you at all.

    Khao Yai National Park, one of the most visited parks in Thailand is home to a splendid variety of flora and fauna. The wildlife includes elephants, gibbons, macaques, bears, lizards and various bird species. This park is also known for one of its rather splendid waterfalls- Haew Suwat, famous for being in the movie- The beach. We know you’re already imagining a fun-filled vacation with your partner.

    For those of you who like adventure, you have to go rafting at the Lam Takhong! A gentle river with a  diverse scenery of forests and greenery that will surely get your adrenaline flowing! If you’re a beginner at rafting, this gentle river is just the place to hone your skills!

    From adventure activities to historical elements, this place has something to satiate every mood. Don’t forget to add Nakhon Ratchasima to your honeymoon itinerary.


  7. Pai

    If you are an adventurous couple looking for possibilities to elevate your honeymoon experience, this is just the place for you!

    Hiking is one of the most enjoyable forms of adventure. And the Mae Yen Waterfall makes for a memorable hiking journey! The tiring hike leads to a place no less than heaven as you’re greeted with the wind gushing into your face and the sound of rippling water.

    After a rather sporty morning, you’d surely want to do something romantic with your special one. If you’re wondering where to head after a long day, the Pai walking street is a night market full of crafts and food.
    Located at the centre of Pai, vendors sell their goods from 6:30 pm-10:30 pm. Whether it’s finding traditional Thai clothes or those perfect-comfy pairs of baggy trousers, this market has got it all! Munching on lip-smacking street food is definitely the best add-on while shopping. You will also be delighted to see colourful delicacies ranging from piping hot spring roles to fresh and cold juices. And we assure you, you will not be disappointed!


  8. Kanchanaburi 

    The Death Railway or The Burma Railway is along with the Kwae Noi River at Krasae Bridge, Kanchanaburi

    This town has a lot more to offer than the popular trio of Death Railway, Bridge over the river Kwae and the Allied war cemetery. Kanchanaburi is a city full of diversions ranging from bamboo rafting journeys along the River Kwae to temple ruins tour to a day out shopping at the gemstone village. The peaceful riverside is a perfect balance to the busy markets. However, it is also one of the best places to party in the night! Sounds like the perfect honeymoon destination? It is!

    Kanchanaburi is also the one and only place to shop for quality gemstones in Thailand! Bo ploi is one of the largest producers of the blue sapphire. You know what we’re hinting at-yes, go ahead and buy your spouse their favorite gemstone. It’s definitely going to be the most memorable gift.

    The River Kwae park is also a brilliant destination to hoard your favorite things from Thailand! Dozens of stalls filled with all kinds of crafts and goods, ranging from blue and white porcelain ware to bamboo products and Thai instruments surround this place all over! Shopping here is nothing less than a sightseeing experience offering the best qualities of products with the most picturesque views to cherish.


  9. Rayong

    Thalu Island is located in Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet National Marine Park, Rayong


    A popular getaway, only 2 hours away from Thailand, Rayong is the perfect destination for all those couples that prefer a peaceful day at the beach. Separated from  Koh Samet by a 45 minute ferry ride, Rayong is a whole other world! Instead of running into tourists, you are more likely to bump into Thai families and University students here. However, there are quite a few urbanites that visit Rayong to dig their toes in the white sand and enjoy some delectable seafood!

    Good food and a scenic view goes hand in hand. Providing an inexplicable amount of seafood dishes, restaurants at Rayong are as much a pleasure for the eye as for the palate! Baan Pae is a one stop destination to some freshly steamed crab, prawns and their wonderful lime ginger sauce that you do not want to miss! Is there anything better than relishing the most delectable food with your most favourite person?

    Shopping in Thailand is a very diverse experience. Unlike the other markets all over Thailand, Rayong offers some of the best qualities of exotic fruits that you may have never heard of or eaten before. These markets are home to some fresh tropical fruits and other fruits preserved in the form of durian chips, dried mangoes or fruit candies.


  10. Chiang Mai 

    There is so much to see and do around Chiang Mai that you’re sure to return with a bag full of memories. If you’re looking for a variety of accommodation options, this place offers a wide variety of hotels. From luxury hotels like 137 Pillars house or the North Hill City resort or affordable options like Makkachiva and The marndadee heritage, you have plenty of options to choose from.

    Chiang Mai is mostly famous for its ancient temples, but there’s so much more! The mountainous landscape provides for a  natural attraction which is also home to tribal villages. For people who like to stay in the city, it is full of spas that will pamper you in the best way possible. Picturesque gardens and parks will just add on to your honeymoon experience.
    Chiang Mai is another wonderful place for shopaholics. The Wualai and Chiang Mai walking street has the best collection of street markets all over Thailand. Offering some exceptional artisanal craft works and unique boutiques, you will not feel the need to visit malls!

    Did we forget to tell you about the best thing to do in Chiang Mai? Hot Air Balloon flight in Chiang Mai is the best way to treat your partner to a romantic surprise. The flight offers breathtaking panoramic views of the stunning landscape. You can also enjoy a champagne celebration and lavish breakfast upon returning from your balloon ride.

    Tip: Don’t forget to carry a camera on the balloon. There will be many moments and views you’d like to capture for your honeymoon memories.


  11. Bangkok

    Bangkok Aerial Photograph and Chao Phraya River, Bangkok


    If you think Bangkok is only meant to be visited with family and friends, it’s time to get a refreshing check and enjoy the romantic side of Bangkok. The cosmopolitan ambiance of this city is beautifully interspersed with natural and historical elements that make this city a complete package for a honeymoon trip.

    Bangkok has something in store for all types of people. Whether you fancy a cruise along the Chao Phraya River, Thai cooking classes or the charming traditions of this vast city, you will never run out of things to do in Bangkok.

    One of the best things to do with your spouse in Thailand is going on a Thai Food Bus Tour. The first food bus in Thailand, you can enjoy Michelin Awarded Thai delicacies while sightseeing over 20 attractions on a double-decker bus. Of course, there could be nothing more exciting than this.

    If you’re in the mood to add a dash of luxury to your honeymoon in Bangkok, take your partner for a helicopter tour over this magnificent city. Temples, palaces and unrivalled beauty-there’s no better way to catch a glimpse of Bangkok’s sprawled beauty.
    Also, if you’re in the mood to explore Bangkok just like the locals, don’t forget to hire a Tuk Tuk.

    From traditions and rituals to spending time with family and relatives, weddings get quite exhausting sometimes. But like most other couples, we’re pretty sure your honeymoon is the most awaited part of your marriage too. Indeed, it is the best way to kickstart this new phase of life, to celebrate your marriage and bond with your loved one, before you jump back into the monotony of everyday life.
    Depending on your interests and time, you can customise your itinerary or even explore all the destinations. Take a helicopter ride or indulge in Thai delicacies. Lounge on the beach and meditate or seal your bond with adventure activities. Regardless of which place you choose, we’re sure it’s going to be all things magical.

    Happy Honeymoon!

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