Sawasdee Koh Samui

Sawasdee Koh Samui

Koh Samui is one of Southeast Asia’s premier romantic and leisure destinations.Read on to know more….


1. Chaweng: This east coast beach offers pristine and powdery white sand and a wide picturesque bay. The five-kilometre stretch of beach is fringed by rocky promontories, an offshore roof, and two small nearby islands. The largest and most popular Samui beach, Chaweng is paralleled by a lively strip of restaurants, shops and nightlife.

2. Lamai: Quieter than Chaweng but still full of energy. Lamai is a stunning crescent beach ringed by swaying palm trees. A granite studded mountain forms an impressive backdrop to one side. The deeper waters are ideal for water activities. An open-air evening food and shopping market operates daily, inviting tourists and locals alike to relax.

3. Bang Po: A quiet retreat, Bang Po beach is the last beach of the northern shore past Bophut and Maenam. Classically tropical and laidback, it is the perfect beach for undisturbed sunbathing.
4.Mae Nam: A five-kilometre stretch of grainy and fine sand ringed by coconut trees, this beach is ideal for lounging around as well as swimming. Typically calm waters and a private atmosphere make it a good choice for those looking to stay away from crowds.
5. Lipa Noi: Close to the pier, this beach offers fine sand and shallow waters clear of rocks or corals. Ideal for families, it offers pleasant views, friendly waters, and a serene atmosphere.


1. Kanom Chin: These fresh, thin noodles are made from rice that is sometimes fermented for three days, boiled, and then made into noodles by extruding the resulting dough through a sieve into boiling water. It is served in many kinds of stock: coconut milk, fish curry, and chilli. If you’d like to try the local style, order it with a hot and spicy fish-based curry (kaeng tai pla)

2. Thai desserts or khanom: Most Thai desserts are sweet and sometimes filling snack, make using a combination of sweet syrups, coconut cream, tropical fruits, and sweet sticky rice, and palm sugar. While sticky rice with mango is one of the most popular, tourists can also savour desserts like Khanom gluay ( banana based sweets prepared in varied ways), khanom krok (coconut rice dumplings), woon (jelly in various forms and flavours), takoh ( coconut cream jelly), khanom thuay ( Thai coconut custard), and khanom sai sai ( coconut fruit inside with coconut pudding outside and covered in banana leaf)

3.Seafood: The island is, of course, replete with delicious seafood, ranging from shrimp,crab, and squid to a wide variety of fish. Try some wai khua ( baby squid in thick coconut milk gravy), choose some fresh fish to be cooked neung manao, or steamed with lime juice and some garlic and chilli, or opt for some simple but delicious crab cakes accompanied by a wonderful sweet and spicy sauce.

4. Gaeng Som Pla: This spicy southern ‘Sour Fish Curry’ is distinctively known for its tart favour derived from tarmarind balanced out with palm sugar and yellow curry paste and turmeric. Generally served with Jasmine rice, it is a thin curry containing fish or shrimp combined with bamboo shoots, green papaya, or pineapple.


1. Baam Mae Nam ( China Town), Mae Nam Market: Held every Tuesday, this local market stretches a few hundred metres, and is packed with interesting stalls, snack vendors and even mobile cocktail bars. The market ends at a colourfully lit Chinese temple, which makes for a great photo opportunity. Live music entertains shoppers as they browse through the bargains and fun souvenir, like intricate jewellery, handcrafted leather, Myanmar Jade, Thai Silk goods, aromatic oils and handmade soaps. To keep the shoppers’ energy, vendors sell various Thai snakes like Thai chicken balls, noodles soups, curries and much more.

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