Siam Supper Club Phuket - A Chic Dining Destination

Siam Supper Club Phuket – A Chic Dining Destination

Your vacation to the enchanting city of Phuket is incomplete without visiting the extremely popular Siam Supper Club. Its chic bar and grill are preferred by discerning travellers, locals, and connoisseurs of food from all over the world. All the more, the beautiful backdrop of Phuket further adds to its charm. Apart from exceptionally delicious food and amazing ambience, the place is also great for socializing and networking. Not surprisingly, it’s considered as one of the most recommended venues for fine dining in Phuket.

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Incredible Ambiance
Thai travellers often tell tales of the impressive long-bar, fascinating décor, and intimate sitting ambience of Siam Supper Club. Plus, it boasts of equatorial cocktails, mellow jazz and lounge music. The appropriate arrangement and settings promote tourists from all corners of the world to socialize and mingle.

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Versatile Menu
The menu of Siam Supper Club offers a variety of some of the finest meats, pizzas, fish in South East Asia. Connoisseurs of food, in their review, have stated that eating here has been a truly unique taste experience. The dessert menu of the place is said to one-of-its-kind, especially its Cheese Cake. Plus, all of its cocktails and mojitos are a class apart.

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Design Philosophy
The design of the Supper Club, as said by many reviewers, is similar to the US dining style. It offers a setting that complements the presentation and flavours of the food and wine. Also, it believes in sampling.

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Flawless Service
Above all, the service of the Supper Club is definitely worth a mention. The staff and floor manager of the place is said to be very attentive without any hovering. Additionally, they are knowledgeable about food and wine and can help you in the selection of dishes and drinks. The bar is also praiseworthy, thanks to the exotic cocktails and a pleasant bar staff.

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