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Chiang mai

Sawasdee Chiang Mai

Popularly known as ‘The Rose of the North’ and with an enchanting location on the banks of the Ping river, the city and its surroundings are blessed with stunning natural beauty and a uniquely indigenous cultural identity.

Wonders of Wat Chedi Luang

Here is a small task for you before we begin our virtual tour today. Google up Chiang Mai and check the images. 99% you will come across a collapsed pagoda. If any of your friends have sent you a gift from Chiang Mai, likely that keychain or T-shirt or fridge magnet has this same pagoda. […]

Best Guide to Songkran Festival Thailand

Picture Credits: Wat Wimuttayaram Songkran is an annual festival which takes place over three days during the traditional Thai New Year, April 13th-15th (in almost all provinces). The official Songkran festival lasts three days but in reality, the whole week is taken over by a mass celebration as the whole country shuts down for a […]

10 best cafés in Chiang Mai

“We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there.” ― Pascal Mercier, Night Train to Lisbon No matter what your temptation or current mood, there’s a café for everyone in Chiang […]

Chiang Mai And Pai

Thailand is not all that brazen as one assumes. In the north, there are nonchalant cities such as Chiang Mai which is also the second biggest tourist city in the country. A quiet mix of true Thai elements including temples, night markets, bars and unforgettable meals; this old city is not to be missed on […]

Bangkok Airways Offers Special Privileges to Women Travellers throughout the month of August 2017

Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited announces its collaboration with the Tourism Authority of Thailand in supporting the “Women’s Journey Thailand campaign.” The campaign aims to promote Thai tourism by offering women travelers a huge range of activities, special deals, and discounts throughout the month of August 2017. Bangkok Airways will offer a special domestic fare of 1,190 […]

Awesome & Unusual Things to Do in Chiang Mai

We stayed in Chiang Mai on two occasions, and had different opinions of the city during each stay. The first time we made our home in this northern city was after the chaos of Halloween in Bangkok. We stayed on a quiet, tree-shaded street in the old city that was dotted with cute coffee shops […]

Chiang Mai Tourism – Travellers Guide 2020

The province of Chiang Mai, located 700 kilometers north of Bangkok epitomizes the charm and attractions that typify northern Thailand. Nestled amongst forested foothills, Chiang Mai is much older than it first appears. During the medieval times, almost everything was made of teak hauled by elephants from the surrounding rainforest.   Airplane mode great to […]