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TAT supports WWF-Thailand’s no ivory Campaign

‘Travel Ivory Free’ targets continued surge of ivory purchases made by tourists visiting Thailand. Bangkok – The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is supporting the World Wildlife Federation-Thailand (WWF-Thailand) on the implementation of its ongoing ‘Travel Ivory Free’ campaign in Thailand to change tourists’ buying behavior. “I urge tourists to stop buying ivory in Thailand and […]

Travel Tales: My Solo Trip To Phuket, Thailand

If you’re connected with me on social platforms, you already know that I went to Thailand twice last month. Yes, twice! I hadn’t been to Amazing Thailand before, and I’ve been itching to plan a Thailand trip for a long time. And when it finally happened, it happened twice in a month. Like they say, […]

Chiang Mai And Pai

Thailand is not all that brazen as one assumes. In the north, there are nonchalant cities such as Chiang Mai which is also the second biggest tourist city in the country. A quiet mix of true Thai elements including temples, night markets, bars and unforgettable meals; this old city is not to be missed on […]

4 Day Trip Thailand Guide – Beaches, Pubs, Nightlife

It’s bad manners to keep a Vacation waiting”– Anonymous Whoever said the above was damn right! Travel is one of the best stress-busters and to keep a vacation waiting would be nothing short of a sin. We had been holding off on planning a vacation/ BFF’s Bachelorette for months – even a domestic trip seemed […]