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My first trip to Thailand was almost five years back but since our pictures got corrupted it’s almost like that trip never happened. I had been craving to plan another Thailand trip for many years after that and the opportunity came this year with an invite from Thailand Tourism for their #FamilyFunThailand trip.

Thailand is easily one of the most popular destinations in Asia but there is more Thailand than what meets the eye it is known as a popular partying destination as a shopping destination and as a beach holiday. However, there is more to explore there is an offbeat path of Thailand that many of us may not be aware of.
I took the Phuket-Krabi-Bangkok route and discovered activities and experiences that we can do as a family. So if you are planning a Thailand trip here is a suggested itinerary;

*Day 1 – Fly into Bangkok and head straight to Phuket. Relax and head to the walking street in the latter half. Have dinner by the bay.

*Day 2– Dwell into water sports and head to the Phuket bird park in the latter half.

*Day 3– Head to Krabi. On the way visit Lamaesk island in a long tail boat to discover ancient painting and see caviar farming.

*Day 4– Go island hopping to chicken island, Ko Khai Island and Koh Poda island

*Day 5– Fly to Bangkok. In the day, head to the different Wats and in the evening visit Chatuchak market.

*Day 6– Enjoy the day at Funarium or Bouncy with the kids, devote the rest of the day to shopping.

*Day 7– Fly out.

Thailand Trip Leg 1: Land In Bangkok And Head Straight To Phuket

While you have to land in Bangkok to get here and it might be debatable as to do Bangkok and then head here or do Bangkok in the end. If you are planning to shop in Bangkok, I would suggest head here first or you would have to lug around suitcases plus domestic economy baggage allowance in flight is just 20 kgs.

Known for its powdery beaches, sparkling sea, and excellent food, Phuket has long seduced honeymooners, backpackers and families alike. Highlighted by its predictable climate, safe waters and child-friendly accommodations around.


Follow The art and culture trail in the walking streets of Phuket.

You can try traditional Thai cooking here. Go for a Graffiti hunt on the street, head to the Night Flea Market which happens on Sundays and eat to your heart’s content for Thailand is known for its food and delicacies.

Here I am trying my hand at Thai cooking.

Posing along the big Graffiti Eagle and hunting many such graffitis around

Phuket Bird Park is one place where kids and adults can spend an entire day. Here you can feed the animals like the rabbits And The Goats and the Sheep and also watch the birds performing stunts in the bird show. The Phuket bird Park spread over 12 acres is home to over 100 species of birds from Asia South Africa and America.

Other things to do in Phuket;

  • Visit the Big Buddha, a 40-metre tall statue perched on a hilltop in the centre of the island, with impressive views overlooking Phuket’s east coast
  • Phuket trick eye museum is fun for those who like whacky pictures. Great fun with kids too.
  • Thalang National Museum if you want to dwell in the regional history of Phuket.

Thailand Trip Leg 2: Phuket to Krabi

This should be your second destination in Thailand. I would ideally suggest 2 nights in Krabi for a family. If however, you want to lounge and see the islands around at your own pace then you can extend to 3 nights or more.  Krabi is actually on the mainland Thailand with around 130 offshore islands that fall under its jurisdiction.


You can drive from Phuket to Krabi. It is a 3.5 hours drive or You can take a boat from Phuket it costs around 750 bahts and takes around 1.5 hours.


Longtail boat ride in Laemsak island and discovering ancient drawings.

The Laemsak community comprises of the harmonious co-existence of three cultures: Buddhist Thais, Muslim Thais and Baba Nyonya. Laemsak is surrounded by three sides of the Andaman Sea with various shapes of limestone mountains and small islands. Here on a long tail boat ride, we discovered ancient paintings on some rock caves which date back 3000 years. Afterwards, we made our way to the floating fish farms at Nao bay. There are several kinds of fishes such as sea bass and grouper, as well as lobsters, reared here. However, the green caviar is the most important expensive seaweed rich in minerals such as calcium, iodine and potassium that is cultivated here. They tasted fresh, saltish and crunchy.

From here you can head to Sok Po Shrine, located at the hill facing the Andaman Sea built by the Hokkien immigrants who settled on the east coast of Laemsak.This is the unexplored part of Krabi which many have not explored, yet.

Island hopping in Krabi: Usually crowds head to James Bond island and Kong Island. These are the most famous islands instead of that try exploring the other 800 islands that Krabi is made up of. Some interesting ones are Phranang princess cave which has stalagmites formation and a lovely cove to swim, Ko Khai Island and Koh Poda island. Here at some islands, you can indulge in water sports.

You can also take a private speedboat from the hotel to visit Phra Nang cave as this is related to the ancient myth about love, betray and revenge.

Thailand Trip Leg 3: Krabi To Bangkok

The best place to fly out from and to end your trip should be Bangkok. The city has many Wats and markets to explore. The famous Temple of Reclining Buddha, Wat Pho houses the 46-meter gold plated Buddha statue in reclining position is a must visit. You should also visit Chatuchak market, head to malls like Platinum and MBK for shopping as Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise.

The Sukosol hotel, Bangkok.

The Sukosol hotel, Bangkok.

I have seen that whenever I travel with kids I have to balance out activities in the day too much of sightseeing will bow them and too much of activity will tire us out. So the trip has to be a mix of both. While I love shopping in Bangkok and visiting all the Wats for kids plan a day with an activity in the FunariumDinosaur planetUrban adventure and bouncy fun.

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