Thailand Specialist Programme-frequently asked questions

Who can join the Thailand Specialist Programme?

The Thailand Specialist Programme is designed to cater to travel agents and tourism organisations. An independent travel enthusiast aspiring to become a tourism manager or start up their own tourism venture can join the program too.

How much does the Thailand Specialist Programme cost?

It’s Free! The programme offers you a free, comprehensive, online resource library to learn and succeed in the programme. You will need an active internet connection to access the course online.

Is the Thailand Specialist Programme part-time or full-time?

It’s a self-study, self-paced online learning programme. There are no mandatory time commitments to the programme.

How does the Thailand Specialist Programme work?

The Thailand Specialist Programme is an online, interactive, and self-paced learning programme. Sign up for the Thailand Specialist Programme, and gain immediate access to 8 online training modules. Each module has detailed topics that cover Thailand in-depth through videos, insightful articles, and more. Study the materials and each topic thoroughly. At the end of each module, answer an interactive test to complete the module. The tests can be retaken multiple times in case of wrong answers. To advance to the next module, each module test must be completed successfully. Skipping modules is not possible. Completing all modules is mandatory for program completion and receiving the ‘Thailand Travel Expert’ certificate.

What is the duration of the Thailand Specialist Programme?

The programme offers you 6 months from the date of enrolment to become a Thailand Specialist. With just an hour daily, you could even complete the course in 1 month! 

What happens if all modules of Thailand Specialist Programme are not completed in the specified time duration?

The Thailand Specialist Programme must be completed within 6 months of enrolment. Failure to complete will result in a reset of the account. This means the programme restarts at Module 1 again.

Who receives the Thailand Specialist Programme certification?

The certificate is conferred upon individuals who successfully complete all of the training modules under the Thailand Specialist Programme. The organisation or employer has no involvement in the same.

How does the certificate benefit me?

The certificate for the Thailand Specialist Programme is authorised by the Tourism Authority of Thailand – a National Tourist Organisation that promotes Thailand actively. The certificate confirms you as a ‘Thailand Specialist. The Thailand Specialist Programme brand name can also be used as part of your branding and promotional efforts, irrespective of which organisation you belong to. The certificate adds a marketable value to your personal travel brand.

What are the support resources for the Thailand Specialist Programme?

Email all your queries, questions, and doubts to (Mumbai office) or office). Our support teams would be happy to help.