Thailand, Your Next Favourite Family Destination

The welcoming locals, the shopping sprees with excellent value for money, and the great food all make Thailand an ultimate tourism place. It is known for its incredible sunset spots, crystal clear waters, and beautiful temples. What’s even better is that it is perfect for all ages. Whether your family has eight-year-olds or eighty-year-olds, there is something for everyone to do and lots to do together. If the mystical coves and canals covered in vines and beautiful flora are not enough, the soft sand-peppered bays shrouded by rolling hills will keep you enthralled! So get your family together, pack your bags and discover a new country filled with rich culture and breathtaking views. 

  • Explore The Streets Of Bangkok

The bustling city has a wide variety of transport options to choose from. Every street you turn into transports you to a different vibe, giving you many things to add to your itinerary. Bangkok is a large city that can be overwhelming in first sight, so keep reading to find the spots to visit!

For a relaxed evening, you can stroll through Soi Rambuttri which gives you a glimpse into what Bangkok looked like before the glitzy skyscrapers. It is lined with several restaurants and street food stalls and is one of the less crowded locations. Lined with leafy banyan trees, roads here have enough shade for a comfortable walk from the sun. However, you can always hire a tuk-tuk to take you through the streets if you’d instead save time and would like to get to the place hassle-free. 

Visit Sukhumvit Soi 38 for the ultimate street food experience -hygienic, tasty, and clean!. This place is home to authentic Thai street food stalls with low stools lined near the busy streets. From 6 PM till the early hours in the morning, you can gorge on delicious food with many food stalls to sample! The best part is that these stalls are known for their excellent hygiene and continental menus if your stomach wants a break from the exotic dishes.

For a sophisticated shopping experience, unburdened by the chance of kids breaking away in the crowded street markets, head to Thonglor. Its boutique shops and classy restaurants are famous for catering to both a domestic and international crowd. 

Finish perusing through the streets with a trip to Maha Rat road. Parallel to the Chao Phraya River, this road has all of Bangkok’s notable temples, and museums rolled into one place. We recommend dedicating a day here to visit The Grand Palace, Wat Po, Museum of Siam and much more!

A tip to keep in mind is to ask for your noodles ‘Phet nid noi’ (less spicy) if you’re more accustomed to medium-spiced foods. For the kids, ask for Mai Phet if you want non-spicy foods.

  • Visit Thailand’s World-famous National Parks. 

Here are the top spots for ethical and responsible animal treatment: 

Mu Ko Similan National Park, near the Phang Nga province of Southern Thailand, is known for its sea turtles and the top place for scuba diving and snorkelling. Apart from sighting some endangered sea turtles, you’ll be amazed by the vibrant coral life and fish species like the Clown Triggerfish and graceful stingrays. For turtles, the Mai Khao MarineTurtle Foundation is the place to go.

The one species Thailand is known for is its elephants, and there’s no place better for elephant spotting than the Kui Buri National Park. Home to around 230 wild elephants, it’s easy to find them roaming around or cooling off in the park ponds. The park is also home to a large population of Gaurs. Hop by the headquarters for a tour or to arrange accommodation in their spacious bungalows.

Home to Thailand’s oldest rainforests, Khao Yai National Park is only four hours from Bangkok. It has many fairytale-like waterfalls and boasts of elephants, tigers, gibbons, bears, porcupines and much more! A sunset trip to the bat caves where thousands of bats fly up into the sky is worth the visit.

  • Absorb The Culture In A Trip To The Famous Temples

Known for their breathtaking architecture, these temples are a go-to on anyone’s vacation to Thailand. 

At the top of our list is Ayutthaya. This city is a Unesco World Heritage Site and is home to some spectacular temples. Check out the main attraction- Wat Phra Sri Sanphet. This monastery is located within the royal palace grounds and contains ruins which used to be the royal families’ homes.

Wat Rong Khun, popularly known as ‘The White Temple’ is not a temple anymore but is worth visiting. Adopted by a local artist in the 90s, this tourist spot is home to art galleries, meditation rooms, learning centres and our favourite- murals from Harry Potter to work inspired by Freddie Kreuger.

The Tiger Cave Temple, located just outside Krabi, shows visitors caves filled with tiger paw prints and golden buddhas on the way to the summit. For those who manage to climb the 1,260 steps, the prize is an enormous golden statue of Buddha and one of the best views of the town surrounding it. The tropical jungles nearby and caves near the complex are great alternatives if you want to skip on the heady climb.

  • Unleash your inner child (or treat your kids) at a day-trip to the Theme parks

From the world’s first Cartoon Network-themed park to slides through the jungle, theme parks and water parks in this country are unique.

Siam Park City is Asia’s largest water park and undoubtedly Thailand’s top amusement park. The retro-themed castle is a sight to see while the high-speed, suspended ‘Vortex’ roller coaster will take your breath away, quite literally. The world-renowned Siam water park boasts of the biggest wave pool on the globe. For an adrenaline rush, be sure to head to the Super Spiral and the Speed Slide.

Vana Nava, known as the Water Jungle, is set in Hua Hin’s beach resort’s backdrop. Be prepared to plunge the fittingly named “abyss” and spin through the water rapids at the AquaLoop.  There is also other family-friendly aquatic fun to take part in, besides the thrilling rides.

Other notable mentions include Cartoon Network Amazone and the Greek-inspired Santorini Park.

Visit Thailand on your next holiday, and you can be assured of a fun-filled trip with lots of memories to look back on! Check out our other blogs for a bigger picture of what Thailand has to offer – island hopping, street-food experiences, and much more! 


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