The Best Time to Visit Thailand

Planning when to visit Thailand? How about now!

Thailand; the land of smiles, is renowned for its surreal & beautiful landscapes. A unique feature of this country’s charm lies within its seasons. Thailand has a total of 3 seasons which viscerally change the ambience of the regions. If you are confused about which will be a good season to plan your visit, read on ahead. 


1) Thailand in Cold Season

The quaint chill in the weather can perfectly match your mood if you plan on visiting Thailand during Winter. Winter lasts from November to April and the weather remains cooler during this time than the rest of the year. The only exception being Koh Samui, which experiences high rainfall during those times.

The West coast can also be a good choice to visit if you enjoy watersports, diving, snorkelling & spectacular sunsets. The prime destinations to witness here are Khao Lak, Phuket and Krabi. You’ll get to experience Loy Krathong, Chiang Mai Flower Festival, 


2) Thailand in Summer 

A great time to visit Thailand, if you like some sunshine, would be from March to May. You can bask under the sun, work on your tan or simply enjoy the sights on the east coast beaches, including Koh Samui, the Diamond Beach at Ko Samet, Ko Phangan etc. You also get to avoid the peak season crowd during this time. Songkran, which is celebrated from 13th to 15th April and is also the traditional New Year Day of Thailand. 


3) Thailand during Monsoon

Monsoon in Thailand usually starts from June-October and continues all the way till the end of October. Heavy Rainfall is common in Northern Thailand and one can witness some spectacular views of the land during this time. You can also choose to visit Mae Sa Waterfall and Bua Thong Sticky Waterfall in Chiang Mai to make the most of the wet ambience.


Thailand will leave you mesmerised no matter the season. There is always something unique to discover here that ensures no two trips are ever the same. Now that you know what to expect in the different seasons, when do you plan to visit?

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