Awesome & Unusual Things to Do in Chiang Mai

Awesome & Unusual Things to Do in Chiang Mai

We stayed in Chiang Mai on two occasions, and had different opinions of the city during each stay.

The first time we made our home in this northern city was after the chaos of Halloween in Bangkok. We stayed on a quiet, tree-shaded street in the old city that was dotted with cute coffee shops and restaurants. We were in love.

Then, after coming from the small town of Pai, we made Chiang Mai our home base again. This time, we stayed outside the walls of the old city in a busier area. Add to that the fact that the city exploded in size with tourists visiting for the Loi Krathong celebrations, and it’s safe to say we were overwhelmed.

So, we did this today… Don’t worry, Mom, we survived! Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Some breath-taking sights from Katie and Ben’s adventures in Chiang Mai

While I have mixed emotions on the biggest city in the north, I would say my overall opinion is a favorable one. There’s tons to do, beautiful scenery, a concentration of culture, and fantastic food. And if you’re coming here after the madness of Bangkok, you’ll surely find it a welcomed relief.

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