10 Famous things to do in Phuket

Justly famous as one of the world’s premier tropical beach resorts, Phuket blends extraordinary natural beauty with superb tourism facilities to ensure the perfect vacation in the sun. Against a backdrop of green hills, the west coast of what is Thailand’s largest island is blessed with a whole string of magnificent beaches and coves bathed by the clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea.

Try out underwater diving in the clear waters of Phuket

Nature’s bounty is then matched by luxury hotels, and resorts of the highest international standard, while for your leisure, pleasure and sheer indulgence there are water sports, yachting, scuba diving, golf, spa treatments, exquisite dining and more.

Take in some truly amazing sights on offer in Phuket.

Yet Phuket is not just an island in the sun; as a province in its own right, it has a wealth of scenic and cultural attractions. Buddhist temples, Chinese pagodas and Muslim mosques, as well as the fabulous annual Vegetarian Festival, attest to a multi-cultural history; magnificent mansions built in the Sino-Portuguese style tell the story of riches made from tin mining in the 19th and 20th centuries, and rubber and coconut plantations contrast with areas of surviving virgin forest in a refreshingly green landscape.

In all, Phuket is an island of unparalleled beauty and unique cultural traditions, a place to explore as well as to relax totally and relish the vacation of a lifetime.

Here are some of the spots in Phuket which you absolutely cannot miss.

1) Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay is without a doubt Phuket and Thailand’s most fascinating landscape, an ‘Out of this world’ scenery which you must absolutely see with your own eyes. The best way to explore it is in a silent kayak slowly gliding among the giant cliffs. Guides will point at interesting things, birds, weird rock formation, vegetation and mangrove. One of the tunnels is called ‘Bat cave’.

2) Old Phuket town & Thalang Road

Old Phuket Town has applied to become a UNESCO heritage site, following a large restoration and improvement plan in Thalang Road. Thalang road, the historical heart of Old Phuket Town, has saved most of its old Sino-Portuguese houses and is now the best-known street in town. Don’t miss the new Sunday Walking Street there.

3) Promthep Cape

Promthep Cape at the southernmost point of Phuket island is an absolutely irresistible spot for a good old-fashioned sunset photo. This landmark has always been the go to spot for anyone looking for a great photograph to remember their Thai adventures. Around the cape there is also the Lighthouse, which doubles up as a mini museum and a shrine which is surrounded by hundreds of elephant statues and carvings in all sizes.

4) Karon Viewpoint

The Thai name of this spot is Kho Sam Haad which means ‘Hill of the Three Beaches’. Stop for a few minutes at this popular and beautiful viewpoint to admire the panoramic view of three magnificent bays that you get from the top of the hill.

5) Big Buddha

The Big Buddha is a 45-meter tall white marble statue which is visible from anywhere in the southern part of Phuket. The views from up there are definitely breathtaking. When you reach the top of the hill you will find a large parking and a road leading to a construction where people can donate, buy amulets and where occasional ceremonies are held.

6) Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong, built at the beginning of the 19th century, is the largest and one of the most visited Buddhist temple in Phuket. Its real name is Wat Chaitararam and the most recent building on the grounds of Wat Chalong is a 60 meters tall ‘Chedi’ sheltering a splinter of bone from Buddha.

7) Similan Island

The Similan Islands are clear blue diamonds in the Andaman Sea, located 100 km from Phuket Island. The Similan consist of nine islands where you can have a fun time snorkeling in the warm and clear waters, which give you a feeling of flying in the sky as you gaze at the amazing coral formations. There are also thousands of colourful fishes that will fascinate you there.

8) Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi islands don’t need an introduction anymore, Leonardo Di Caprio took care of this in 2000 with the movie ‘The Beach’ and the place just keeps on getting bigger and busier. No doubt it’s super crowded, especially at night, but yes the islands are beautiful and a great place for party!

9) Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea is bright and colourful, full of shops and fun fair games, but the main attraction is the stage performance given by Thai actors, dancers and acrobats accompanied by their dozen massive elephants.

10) Koh Panyee

Koh Panyee is a small fishermen village built entirely on stilts in the middle of Phang Nga Bay. You could take a longtail boat early to reach there before tourists arrive and get a complete different feel of the place. Continue to the James Bond Island if you feel like seeing the shooting set of the famous movie ‘The man with the golden gun’.

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