Top Backpacking Destinations to explore in Thailand

Thailand is the ultimate pocket-friendly retreat for backpackers. A place where everyone wants to return. The gorgeous white sand traces, palm-fringed coastline and everything about it makes you fall in love with it. The locals here are friendly and all smiles. The food is delicious. The white sandy beaches here shine and parties go on until sunrise. Apart from that, there are so many amazing places to visit – so you’ll never get bored here.

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If you are a backpacker off to Thai, it would mean staying in fun-packed hostels, picturesque beach bungalows, and eating yummy and inexpensive noodles.

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From climbing aboard an overnight train to a lolloping elephant, everything is worth a visit here. Here are a few of these awesome spots that you can’t miss out on:

Thailand’s capital city is easy to reach and travel from. Its nightlife is unforgettable and can perfectly fit everyone’s taste from Royal City Avenue to Koh San Road. The tasty street food will cater to both your wallet and stomach. Before you head to your next destination, make sure to stop by the most popular temples including Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaew. Also, don’t miss out on the floating markets.

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Rai Leh or Railay is a must visit for adventure lovers. Situated in Krabi, this destination is a haven for rock climbers. Take a beginner’s top rope course to a thrilling water solo climb. To top it all, it offers breathtaking scenery.

Chiang Mai
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Chiang Mai is quite popular for its floating markets, famous lantern festivals, and Sunday night markets. Apart from experiencing village life, you can also take Thai cooking classes here.

Khao Yai National Park
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Fond of nature? Bring yourself to Khao Yai National Park. Gear up to hike through the jungle and find hidden waterfalls and wildlife here, including elephants. Only a few tourists visit it, so you’ll find it quite serene.


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