Top markets near Bangkok for an authentic local Thai experience

Top Authentic markets near Bangkok

Newer attractions along with historical 100-year-old markets near Bangkok for highlighting the traditional charms of Thailand.

While fancy new shopping malls pop up in Bangkok almost every week, most travelers still hope to escape the capital’s urban nature to enjoy the charms of traditional markets outside Bangkok. Here is a collection of easily reached markets near Bangkok, mixing in older more traditional markets with newer ones that offer visitors a more authentic local Thai shopping experience.

SAMUT PRAKAN: Khlong Suan Market
Khlong Suan Market is considered to be a foodie’s paradise within easy reach of Bangkok. This old community recalls back the glory days of King Rama V: The Great. This used to be the top shopping spot for people who traveled along the canal that links Bangkok and Chachoengsao. Khlong Suan is filled with food stalls selling every possible dish known in Thailand and is famous for its laid-back living, harmonious Chinese and Muslim communities, and great coffee shops. The must-visit place is Pae Li, which local Thais say if visitors come to Khlong Suan and don’t have coffee from this shop, then they haven’t really visited.
ANG THONG: San Chao Rong Thong Market
San Chao Rong Thong Market

Ang Thong province’s ancient market is considered to be a must-visit destination for Thai tourists and is becoming increasingly popular with overseas visitors. They are invited to know this heritage market, San Chao Rong Thong, where period Chinese-style houses, shops, and cuisine can be found. Travelers can stroll around the old neighborhood and try traditional dishes at the Market. Must-try items are Chinese-style coffee, shrimp Khanom Khrok pancake, and authentic Thai desserts. Visitors can tour Thai and Chinese shrines of the locally revered Thai Buddhist monk Luangpho Nam and the Chinese god Guan Yu.

SUPHAN BURI: Sam Chuk Market

Sam Chuk Market

Sam Chuk is considered to be one of the country’s most famous and authentic markets. In 2000, the local community decided to revitalize the old market while preserving its original atmosphere and took nine years to complete. The Market is an award-winning example of old market revitalization that is being copied by numerous sites across Thailand. Those visitors are keen to learn more and should visit Khun Chamnong Jeenaruk Museum to view the history of the Market through the life of a local noble who lived from 1910 to the 1970s.

LOP BURI: Talat Chumchon Tambon Khoktum Markets

Chumchon Tambon Khoktum is a community market that serves a local network of creative communities of Lop Buri and local villages in the Khoktum sub-district. This period attraction calls back to a simpler time-serving historical tourism learning centre about local Thai experiences and the way of life of past generations. Of course, Thai food is one of the main draws here with local dishes and snacks served in traditional earthenware with wooden utensils.
SING BURI: Bang Rachan Retro Market
Bang Rachan Retro Market

Bang Rachan Retro Market offers a snapshot into days gone by in old Siam. The vendors dress in a retro and speak the old Thai language. There are performances by sellers and young Millennials in preserving the history of Ban Bang Rachan for generations to come. It opened in 2016, with 20 shops and since that time it has grown to over 370 shops at present.

SAMUT SONGKRAM: Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market is on a bustling canal; its banks lined with attractive teak shop-houses that open to the water. If you arrive early, then you’ll see Buddhist monks making their rounds by boat and the local people offering food and alms as they paddle. Most visitors arrive around midday to enjoy seafood lunches of shrimp and shellfish that are cooked on boats and handed up to diners on the bank.

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