What does your next vacation to Thailand look like? Take a virtual trip with us.

Have you been dreaming of those clear blue waters and white sand beaches of Thailand? Well, Thailand has missed you just as much as you have missed us! With things starting to look more positive for travellers who cannot want to come back to their favourite destination again, we thought we’d make this a little fun for you. 

What does your next Thai vacation look like?

Are you the solo explorer that travels in true Thai spirit? Or is a luxury family trip on the cards? Take the quiz below to find out, and take a virtual trip with us! 

You've just landed in Thailand! Who are you here with?

It's time to head to your stay. How do you get there?

Where are you Going?

Time to unpack! Where are you staying?

You're hungry now, it's time for a delicious meal! What are you craving for?

Time to book a tour. Which one excites you the most?

Who can forget Thailand's local gems! Which experience do you try out?

Phew, it's finally night time. How is your evening planned out?

You're excited to try something new! Which experience do you pick?

Final question! What do you love the most about Thailand?

What does your next Thai vacation look like?
You have Choosen Mostly A's

You have Choosen Mostly B's

You have Choosen Mostly C's

You have Choosen Mostly D's


Mostly A’s

You are a true explorer at heart! You love the sense of adventure and can’t wait to discover Thailand like a true local. Even if you’re on a budget, you know exactly how to make your trip a memorable one. 

Travel tip: Make friends with a local, it could really come in handy! 
Mostly B’s 

You’re finally taking the trip with a special someone, and there’s nothing the two of you aren’t up for. You’re ready to explore every side of Thailand, and also take lots and lots of pictures! 

Travel tip: Thailand has many offers for couples, so look for them wherever you go!
Mostly C’s 

You and your BFF’s have been planning this for ages, and it’s finally happening! A high-octane, fun-filled adventure awaits you. That local Thai magic mixed with some must-do tourist attractions? Yes please! 

Travel tip: Book packages and tours beforehand to save money!
Mostly D’s 

Home is where family is, and it’s time to make Thailand home for a while. You and your folks are not holding back, and can’t wait to soak in the luxury that Thailand has to offer. Vacations are all about unwinding, right?

Travel tip: Nothing beats Thailand’s beachfront resorts, so book one with a great view! 

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