What it means

What does it mean if I’m an Thailand Specialist?

You become a Thailand Tourism-accredited travel specialist who has the knowledge to sell Thailand as a destination. You are also entered into the TAT database of  TAT Specialists, improving your marketability.

You will receive a certificate confirming that you have successfully completed the relevant course, and will be entitled to use the name ‘Thailand Specialist’ or ‘Thailand travel expert’ in your marketing materials. On a practical level, you’ll be better positioned to assist your clients in creating a suitable travel experience.

So, why become an Thailand Specialist?

Any advantage you can give yourself in the market should be welcomed. And you will be better placed to assist your clients in tailoring the optimum Thailand travel experience. By becoming an Thailand Specialist and being able to better sell Thailand, you have the opportunity to increase your revenue stream and consolidate or improve your position in the marketplace.