Why Should Indians Experience Luxury In Thailand?

Thailand is synonymous with a relaxing holiday. And when it comes to holidaying  for Indians, the land of smiles is the perfect destination to enjoy the ultimate luxury vacation.

Thailand’s most magnificent natural aspect is the white-sand beaches. With the long coastline of the Andaman Sea, you’re always in the lap of these beaches. If you want to enjoy the cold breeze from a secluded beach-view of your luxury villa, the quieter beaches are the destinations for you. You can unwind on the tranquil beaches of Phuket or Koh Samui, far from the urban chaos. The calm atmosphere, giggles of ocean waves will give your mind the ultimate sense of peace and luxury.

Thai Festivals:-The cultural and natural splendour of the land of smiles doesn’t require any special mention, it’s well-known world over. Yet, the similarities between India and Thailand, like diverse landscapes, lip-smacking food, and ancient cultural heritage, make Indians feel like it’s a home away from home. Indians can relax and experience luxury like never before!

Exotic Thai Beaches:-

Just like India, the history and culture of Thailand are pretty rich. Thai people love celebrating their culture and religion through various festivals. These Thai festivals take place almost every month and are celebrated lavishly. During this time, you’ll find Thailand dressed up in bright colours and a bunch of happy people will give you an amazingly positive vibe. Very similar to India, you will be able to sense the true cultural essence of Thailand through the grand arrangements. There are some special festivals that you must not miss, like: the candle festival, the light festival, flower festival and Wonderfruit festival.

Thai Food:-

What is luxury without some scrumptious food? Especially for Indians, some flavourful, delicious food is the ultimate luxury. Relish a spectrum of flavours ranging from wildly spicy to sweet, sour and more. Thai food teases and pleases the palette with local cuisines and ingredients. The Michelin guide believes so, because Bangkok alone has around 8 Michelin star restaurants! Followed by restaurants in Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Phang-Nga that were included in the latest edition of the Michelin Guide Thailand. Indulge in French cuisine at Le Normandie also known as ‘The Grand Old Dame’ of fine dining in Bangkok or try the heritage Thai cuisine at Saneh Jaan. The signature flavours of lemongrass, coconut milk, kaffir lime leaves and galangal will make your heart and stomach happy. You must enjoy exclusive Thai dishes like Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, Som Tam in your menu whenever you’re in Thailand.

Luxurious Accommodation:-

Thailand has the best luxury hotels and villas at a budget-friendly rate. Beach-view rooms, private pools, classic amenities along with the spa and wellness programs will enhance the pleasure of your vacation at its best. Indulge in a floating breakfast platter while you’re taking a dip in the pool. Sit out on your private deck enjoying the beautiful weather suntanning or sipping on cocktails. One of the best aspects of choosing Thai luxury is that you get to experience a variety of activities like adventure sports, jungle safari and many more. Thai hotels go out of their way to create magnificent and exciting experiences to turn your trip into a dream vacation. Luxury resorts at islands like Samui and Phi Phi love taking guests on day long trips to island hop. Enjoy azure waters on your private long tail boat. Or ask for a day out on your private yacht, where you can go diving, snorkelling and enjoy the high life over the sea. Want to get more adventurous? Head over to the Flying Hanuman at Phuket to go ziplining in the natural beauty of Thailand. Want a 360 degree view of all the islands, the luxury resorts organize an amazing experience flying in helicopters so you enjoy gorgeous views of Thailand! Another once in a lifetime Thai experience you must not miss is riding in a hot air balloon! Yes! It is truly exhilarating to view the highlands of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in a shared or private hot air balloon. And if you’re looking for a quick joyride, the hotels also arrange for  night bikes, cycles, self-drive scooters and cars. So you can cruise around islands and national parks at your own leisure. 

In a nutshell, your luxury accommodation does a lot more than just offer an uber luxurious stay! 

Thai Capital:-

Bangkok is a must-visit place for tourists while in Thailand. With a bunch of wonderful people, luxurious shopping places and a rich cultural experience, Indians can enjoy a royale holiday experience in Thailand. Palaces like The Grand Palace, temples like Wat Arun are some of the best visiting places you can visit which are also Instagram-worthy. Bangkok’s street food is the stuff of legends! Most foodies visit Bangkok just for the food. Raan Jay Fai in Od bangkok is one such street food joint you cannot miss. One- Michelin star holder, Raan Jay Fai, has some of the most authentic Thai cuisines you’ve never tasted before. Bangkok is also a shoppers paradise – from the thrift shopper to the luxury shopper finds what they’re looking for. The mix of marketplaces like several tiny businesses, departmental stores, and huge malls provides a range of variety you can explore in Thailand. It’s difficult to top the combination of exquisite Thai handicrafts, world-famous Thai silk, sharp fashion, and low pricing. You can not only experience the luxury but also bring home mementos with you.

Thai Culture and Experiences :-

The ethnic Thai people are responsible for most of Thailand’s culture. Almost 95% of Thailand’s population is Buddhist. And you can truly experience this visiting the royal temples, museums and more across Thailand. Each of them richer than the other in heritage, stories and glory. For a true Thai experience you must indulge in the local Thai life and community experiences.The culture largely being influenced by Buddhism also means enriching meditative techniques. Several luxury resorts offer you custom meditation and yoga courses. Find your inner zen meditating at official monasteries or luxury resorts under the guidance of leading experts and monks. Thailand also has a tradition of all men living as monks for a certain period of time. And you can experience that too! Many monasteries allow you to live like a monk for as short as 3 days and as long as 3 months. Here, you learn the daily living practices, go on the traditional alms rounds, meditate and study Buddhist principles too. While you bask in the luxury of the resort, do venture out to explore local Thai activities like umbrella painting, weaving fabrics and silk fabric production. It’s an enriching experience, where you get hands on with colours, dyes, fabrics and learn this aesthetic art form. Are you a martial arts fan? Or want to try your hand at something new? Head to the acclaimed Muay Thai institutes to watch experts muay thai artists perform. Some institutes even let you enroll for short-term muay thai programs! 

Variety of Transportation:-

Thailand has low-cost, diversified transportation options to move you across the country’s cities and regions. In Thailand, you can see almost 16 types of transport, like public buses, kayaks, minivans, speed boats, tuk-tuk and many more. Besides these, if you want to explore the cities in a luxury car, Thailand also has that to offer you. You can hire cars like Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche to explore. 

Thailand and India have a lot in common. In addition, it is also opening again to welcome us warmly. So how about a trip to Thailand that will give you the ultimate feel of luxury yet make you feel like home? A land of smiles and warmth where you can rewind yourself after this long stay at  home.


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