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1. The campaign begins on 17th April 2020 and ends on 15th June 2020.

2. “Participant” refers to a person who willingly participates in the contest and submits the entry. ‘’TAT’’ refers to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai.

3. The age of the participant should be 18+ years, born before April 15th, 2002.

4. The participant must be a citizen of India, possessing a valid passport. (Please note we require your passport to be valid for 6 months after your scheduled departure date)

5. The participant must register on tourismthailand.in/blog

6. The participant must share the unique code in the comments.

7. The participant needs to be willing to be part of a closed group.

8. The participant needs to make use of the hashtag #TakeTheThaiventure

9. The participant needs to describe Adventure in an emoticon.

10. The participant needs to create a Bucket List Video on their posts & tag 3 friends.

11. The participant will post their Thaiventure video and tell us why they deserve to win the trip to Thailand in their regional language and translate the same in their post copy.

12. Please note: Participant is required to tag Tourism Authority of Thailand, India in every post.
If posting via Facebook, tag “Tourism Authority of Thailand, India”
If posting via Instagram, tag @tat.india

13. The winning participant will be rewarded with accommodation for (3Nights/4Days) in Thailand.

14. The winning trip dates will be disclosed soon.If a winner cannot agree to the dates of the trip then their participation is automatically foregone.

15. Domestic travel expenses in India will be borne by the winner. ( i.e. to & from the International Terminals (where the winner will depart & arrive in India) Tourism Authority of Thailand will take care of your international travel from the nearest port of departure. (Collaborated Airline port*)

16. The winners will be announced by the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai and the decision will be final.
During the judgment, the entries who have the maximum engagement on the post of the participant will be given preference.

17. The winner needs to behave in an appropriate manner that should not be harmful to self & others around and will be held responsible for his/her conduct towards other winners. Strict actions will be taken against any misbehavior or misconduct.

18. The gratification will be arranged by Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai at its own discretion & must be accepted as is by the participants. During the trip, the winner has to follow the itinerary provided by Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai & is fully responsible for his/her own safety and the safety of others in any activity they undertake. Any form of upgrade requests from the winner during the travel/trip will have to be borne by the winner and Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai will not be able to accommodate the same.

19. Please note the travel dates are subject to change, any such decision is under the complete discretion of the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai.

20. Do respect the Thai Law, Thai culture and values of the Thai people.

21. All participants hereby assure that they are in good health and adequate physical condition to be able to take the trip to Thailand if they are declared the winner of the contest organized by Tourism Authority of Thailand Mumbai.

22. The Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai does not provide any medical or travel or accident or life insurance, and cannot be held responsible in case of physical injury or death or loss of valuable items. Participants are advised to take their own above-mentioned insurance(s).

23. This winning trip is non-transferable or non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash and is limited to the participant.

24. The flight tickets & rooms are subject to availability. Once your reservations are confirmed, any expenses on the changes done will be borne by the participants. If the participants wish to change/modify the travel plans, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai will not be able to accommodate these needs.

25. Any expense outside the travel plan provided by Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai will be borne by the participants itself.

26. By participating in this contest, you hereby agree to undertake that Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai, its directors, officials, agents, representatives, etc. shall in no way be responsible/liable for negligence or for any other reason in case of illness, sickness, accident, injury, mishap, or loss of lives, due to any event (natural or unnatural) during this trip & that you shall not file or claim or ask for any compensation in case of the happenings of any events stated above against Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai, their employees, officials, agents or representatives & shall assume all liabilities arising out of these events AND that you assume all the liabilities for any injury, including death and or damage, caused or claimed to cause by participating in this trip. That you wholly release, indemnify & save harmless Tourism Authority of Thailand, Mumbai, its officials, employees, agents & representatives from or against any liability, loss, costs, expenses, claims, suits & proceedings of any nature in respect of this participation/invitation & all ancillary aspects of this trip.


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