Enter into the world of food – Thai food! Can you unlock all of these Thai dishes, ingredients and more?

1. Dive into water chestnuts and the freshness of coconut milk. Discover the deliciousness of crispy rubies in:

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Find your answer here:

2. This is the signature dish of Chon Buri’s Nong Mon Market -the seafood paradise. An absolute must-have.

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Have you guessed it yet? Unlock the answer here: https://youtu.be/v1T0C7j8tAI

3. Thai cuisine uses ingredients differently – boiled, steamed, fried. This is one such ingredient that is universal in the world, an everyday food and cooked in so many ways! Guess?

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The answer will have you drooling, go check it out here: https://youtu.be/JnQmO2kf60U

4. Thailand’s iconic salad of the north-east. Every region from Loei to Khan Koen has a different version with its own local touch! Which salad is this?

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Who knew salads could be this delicious! Unlock the answer at: https://youtu.be/zkadWam0WH0

5. CNN Travel placed this well-known Thai dish as the No. 1 dish in “The World’s 50 Best Foods list” 2020.

6. Spicy…Hot…And a favourite of none other than famous food blogger Mark Wiens. If he has to choose one Thai dish to order this would be it. Guess below.

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Mark Wiens shares his answer right here, find out his choice: https://youtu.be/Uf20dN23wtU

7. This is one dessert you can’t miss when you’re in Thailand. You’ll find it at a local restaurant, street food corner and at fine dine places too.

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Unlock the answer here and watch a fun delicious video of its making: https://youtu.be/UzD3SusGei4

8. This one ingredient that adds the creamy texture and aroma to Thai cuisine, which the world has come to love. Mostly found in southern Thai cuisine, we’ve made this guess easy.

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Find out which is this staple Thai ingredient here: https://youtu.be/mc-Sv6XURX0

9. Nonthaburi province is famous for the king of Thai fruits! Its unique sweet taste makes amazing desserts, fritters, and chips too, which fruit is it?

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Two chefs decode this fruit with mouth-watering dishes, watch it here: https://youtu.be/pjgwtwgz-Mg

10. Considered Phuket’s auspicious dessert and signature dessert, this one’s a sweet brown sugar cake you can’t resist. Take your guess…

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Enter into the world of food – Thai food! Can you unlock all of these Thai dishes, ingredients and more?
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